Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm scared.


Rofl, so Happy Leap Day! Today was nuts, I think it really affected the kids at the daycare... they were nuts-zo. I also got to tye dye at the daycare today! Like 50+ shirts... I love getting paid to do what I like to do. It was awesome.

I've been listening to this song over and over and over again, it's so beautiful D':

So I caught the bus this afternoon to help the kids off and into the daycare. I'm walking down our driveway with the kids and this little girl grabs my hand and walks w/ me down the driveway. I don't mind of course, I'm their teacher! P stops to talk with me and she's still holding my hand so I tell her to go put her stuff up, I turn to P and kinda giggle and I said, "She just grabbed my hand and I was like, alright!" Then what P said really hit me, "She does that with me usually too. She doesn't have a mom, we're really the only female figures in her life." T . T Kinda really upset me... I just want to love on that girl and hug her. I feel so bad for these kids, my heart hurts for them.

I found a website, because I was looking at cosplay, dedicated to posting pictures of fat Yuna cosplayers. They're so mean to people! O.O It's horrible... Like what they say! I can't believe it. It makes me wanna work harder to shed some poundage and tone my muscles! >:D That and I don't want to be made fun of.... XP

I've been playing Dissidia! So beauuutiful graphics and I love how it's all the Final Fantasys together, it's like a dream come true! 

I use to want to be a hippie... I actually use to dress very hobo-ish and boho-ish. I have gotten rid of them mostly because that's when I was larger, but I really love the hippie/boho style.

Keep your head up
Don't let the circumstances bring you down
Even though the problems continue to mound, and don't seem as if they will let up
Stop focusing on what is around

Those problems can be overcome
Lessons are to be learned
But don't let tensions overwhelm
Happiness has to be earned

Have faith and hope
Don't let nonsense break your focus and inner peace
God will help you cope
And the problems will soon cease

Trust in me
I am here to stay
And follow the lead
God will be there to show us the way."

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