Wednesday, February 15, 2012

at last i see the l i g h t ・:*・。☆゚

I'm bumbed for two reasons:

(1) I did horrible on my statistics test (2) I had another run in with a friend on facebook.

Except for she didn't say anything to me, I just saw her status update. Am I just weird, or does it happen to you guys. When you see a certain someone's statuses it just makes you anxious or stressed? Not that I'm like dying to know her updates or what not, just that we had a bitter end... I don't know I'm crazy.

I. Am. Exhausted.

I'm glad I get a weekend to enjoy life and bring a new one into the world! Rhiannon is going to have her baby on Saturday! :D I bought decorations for her hospital room! I'm getting her Chinese food for after she delivers, she told me that's the first thing she wants to eat. I'm so excited to see what Sauyer is going to look like, I love holding and loving on babies :3

I'm also excited about FRIDAY! We're gonna see Arriety! And cosplay! Yay! :D

Tomorrow I'm dressing up like a rainbow.... :3
Love you guys!

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  1. Must see pictures of the rainbow dress! And the baby of course! Congrats for you guys though and your sister, I'm so excited too! Babies are such blessings and watching them grow up is a blessing too :3

    I CAN'T WAIT FOR ARIETTY :D It'll be so fun, haha. I'll check into showtimes today too :3