Sunday, May 6, 2012

Open up my eyes to the things unseen.

I haven't been on blogger in forever. I really do not like the new layout. It's annoying. XP

I had a blast yesterday! It was so much fun! Just being able to see everyone was enough. I'm glad that everyone got to come too. Swimming was fun and we totally need to do that again this summer and have everyone go!

Man. The Legend of Korra is so awesome. And intense. And dramatic. Good looking. Epic. Sad. Hardcore.
I'm also glad that we get to get together every Saturday to watch it! Our fandom is crazy. lol

Lately I've been feeling like I'm letting a lot of bad things into my spirit. Like did you know peace signs are actually an occult thing? It's actually a broken cross upside down. I had no idea. I've gotten rid of all the peace signs I own. On Wednesday my pastor was preaching and said that and some other things that people accept, like Astrology. The Bible condemns that... and well Sailor Moon uses the astrological signs and honestly it's not a very "Christanly" anime.

I guess I'm just like, well what do I do now? Because if you really looked at everything that way, there really wouldn't be a lot of things you would really be able to watch/read. Do you just watch things with a guarded heart? Or if you know it's bad and you watch it anyway, aren't you the one at fault? I know God wants to do things in my life but I need to sort things out and surrender my life to Him so that will be able to happen.