Wednesday, October 2, 2013

If it's October, why is it 90 degrees?

lol, but really? Because when I think of October I like of chilly weather... hopefully this month it will start to cool down and be chilly. BECAUSE I am ready for sweater, boot, jean, comfy, baggy, weather. XD

I just wanted to post a "beginning of the month" post. I don't have much to say haha.

I don't have much left for cosplay, though my Sophie boots broke. The zipper went all crazy and now it won't zip up. I am very sad... I'm gonna try to fix them.

I got a bunch of apples from the daycare so I'm going to experiment and make A TON of apple crisps and pies. I also got some cute dresses from Goodwill today :3 I'm going to try to turn one into a lolita dress. My pink and blond wig would look really cute with it.

What I need to get/and do to finish cosplay:
- Purple shoes/boots for Peebles
- Finish sewing my bag
- Make Asami's collar and cuffs
- Get tights for Asami and PB
- Order contacts? (don't really have too...)
- Wait for wigs to get in
- Order pink face paint
- Get PB tiara
- Fix or get new Sophie boots :(((((


I can't wait for Korra or OUAT!! :))))

Love you all!!!