Thursday, June 21, 2012

Part Two

On my way back I couldn't help but think about how much things have changed since Korra left. The swordsmen have been training, the waterbenders have been training, and the healers have been training. But with the rumors of these weapons, more advanced technology, it frightens me... will we be able to rise against them? I also cannot help but wonder why these people have such a hatred towards benders... does my brother or even my father harbor such a hate? We've never really had to deal with a problem here.. are there equalist inside the walls?

Snow started to fall. I love it when the snow falls. Being able to tap into my bending and feel each molecule slowly dance its way to the ground, it's amazing. I smiled to myself.. I guess when I think about it I don't know what or who I would be without waterbending. I've been training forever, since I was very young. I actually remember being in classes with Korra...

Korra. I've been trying to not think about her but how could I not... We started off as rivals but became great friends. I've missed being able to hang out, train, and just overall get into trouble. I feel like I have been kind of a loner, my other friends have been hating on me for it. But we all miss her. The Southern Water Tribe isn't as small as it use to be, but it isn't exactly huge. Everyone pretty much knows everyone.

All of a sudden the ice was vibrating underneath my feet. Where was this coming from and what was making it? There was a state of confusion and it ran throughout the city. My first instinct was to run to the city walls and on my way it seemed it was most of everyone else's. "You cannot pass, go back to your homes, we will send news." Of course troops would already be out, what could they be hiding. I needed to get to the wall, I need to see what is going on with my own eyes. I turned around and headed back up the street. I followed the crowd back towards the heart of a city and I quickly turned down an alley way. Finally, I could make my way to the outer wall. I ran down to the other side and halted to a stop, poked my head out, and made my move. I saw the outer wall within my reach, if only... a force grabbed my belt backwards and brought me down. I swirled around to find myself staring up at one of my good friends, Lan. "I knew I'd find you running around, follow me I know a better way, they've got this clearing guarded." He held his hand out, helped me up, and we were running down the allies again.

The rumbling got even more intense under our feet. Something was happening, something was coming. Is this what we've been waiting for? Is our city going to go to war after so many years of peace? Lan was a much faster runner than I was, I held onto the end of his boomerang as we made our way through the tight paths. We finally were spit out at the end and in a secluded street. It was the back of some restaurants, mostly where they threw out the trash. "There." We were running once more but now for a staircase that lead up to an icy path. We flew up the stairs, down the path, and over to the ledge. Lan got to it first and I slid into him, but after what I saw I almost fell over the side.

"As ironic as this seems, are those fire nation ships?" Lan glanced down at me, I could tell he was annoyed. "You honestly need to pay more attention to things... Those are the United Forces ships, but what would they be doing here?" All I could imagine was this crazed Amon walking out of this ship and coming for my bending. We both watched the chief along with a couple of the generals walk out towards this ship that finally stopped right at the docks. It took forever for people to finally come out of this huge steal ship. I held my breath and held onto Lan's arm, he looked at me and I knew he was thinking the same thing.

"Is that Korra?"

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I had an awesome dream.

And here it is.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

"Good morning.... It's an hour till sunrise, I have breakfast waiting for you. Hurry up you don't want to keep her waiting." I know I have to get up but somehow I cannot muster the strength to....but the furry that would wait for me if I was late, I need to get up. I grabbed the layer of blankets and flung them to the side only to face the bitter coldness of darken room. I guess the fire went out during the night, all that lay there now are dying coals.

I quietly tip toed about my room getting dressed, taming my hair, and quickly prepared myself for another tough day. I took a deep breath before walking out of my room and into the hallway. I followed the light, warmth, and hearty smells coming from our main room. Mom was quietly tiding up, while Dad had the radio on. Everyone was already up, sitting down, and eating in silence. The air was filled with awkwardness and fear but that's how it is everyday now. I sat down by my older sister and stared at my plate.

"This is the day we have waited for for so long. With the council out of the way, Republic City is ours. We will continue our conquest for equality, with our ever growing numbers, we will expand past this city and onto the other cities of this world."

I couldn't eat, I didn't want to touch my food. I could feel so many emotions run through my stomach, up my throat, and well up in the form of tears in my eyes. I was mad, scared, helpless. I looked up at my dad who sat at the head of the table. He turned the radio off before we heard the end of Amon's speech. Mom had finally sat down with the rest of us, speechless. My older sister, mom, and I are waterbenders while my dad and older brother are non-benders. This whole "equality" issue has never come up, I kept thinking we lived in the bubble. That this situation would never come to the southern water tribe, we were safe and away from it all.

"What are we going to do..." my mom was quietly sobbing. "We're going to be ready. Finish your breakfast and get moving." He put his plate into the sink, grabbed his equipment and headed out the front door. Mom followed after him, it left us siblings all alone. I stared at my plate looking for my words.. when I finally looked up and at my older brother. "Are you angry that you're a nonbender?" He smiled at me, "No. I wouldn't have it any other way." He grabbed his things and went out the door. It was getting late, I tried to eat something and I quickly followed behind them, leaving my sister to clean up.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and shook all my emotions from my body, I pulled the door aside and stepped out into the still dark and crisp morning. The city is awake, as usual. On my way I pass by all the familiar faces. People are always friendly, giving, compassionate. We're not exactly frozen in time, but we do hold on to our traditional ways.. we co-exist nonbenders and benders. I just don't get it. Before I knew it I found myself at the practice field and there she was ready for me.

"Sifu Kya, I am ready." She opened her eyes and smiled. I loved being with her, it made time speed up and slow down all at once. She taught me not only the ways of waterbending but the history of it. She told me many stories of Avatar Aang and his journeys. I will never forget the first thing she told us as children, "Many, many years ago someone sacrificed their life so that there would be waterbending in the southern water tribe. You are lucky and privileged to have been born with this skill and now I will teach you how to master it."

She handed me a cloth to wipe my forehead. I sat down by a ledge that looked over the city. She handed me a nice hot cup of green tea. It was peaceful and by now the sun was up and everyone was going through their daily routines. "Kya..." I stared at the tea leaves swirling in my cup.. "do you think Amon will reach the Southern Water Tribe?" A worried look started on her face but was quickly replaced with a kind and caring motherly look. "Alora, we need to put faith in those fighting to keep us all safe" she glanced towards the city "I believe it's almost midday. You're mother will be waiting for you and you did excellent." I smiled but some how I knew she was hiding something. She gave me a quick hug and I caught the smell of lavender. I waved goodbye and headed down the stairs.

I made my way through town and back home which I was quickly sent back out to get lunch to my dad and brother. I took the back alleys this time to save time. "Hey Alora! Where you going?" A couple of friends were at the corner, from the look of it they were about to go play some ball. "I have to get lunch to Dad, but I can be right there in a bit." I finally made my way just outside the city but still inside the inner wall, where they train for battle. There I my eyes fell upon a crowd of eligible and willing men, waterbenders and nonbenders, willing to give up their lives to protect our city. I found my brother through the crowd, "it's your favorite" I said and winked at him. I hurried away to not be a burden on anyone.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I'll finish the rest of it later ;D


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Everytime I hear that I think of Meghan.. and when we were in the pool.
"You didn't have to stooop so looow."
"Why do you look at me when you say that?"


Never let me look up other people who cosplay the same characters as I do...

It ends up just making me feel like crap. Anyway, I worked a bit on Yuna but now I'm going to go layout (while I have the time and the sun is up). Fix my silly tan lines.

Neverending List:
- Re-do Asami's jacket cuffs.
- Fix Asami wig
- Boot covers for Asami
- Hair clip
  Yuna's skirt (pleat and paint)
- Yuna's black top
- Yuna's white wrap top
- Obi (painted and sewn)
- Obi decorations (rope, hibiscus, beads attached)
- Fix flower necklace
- Hair cut & dyed

I'm not doing a third cosplay. I don't have time or money.. I really want to focus on Yuna and make it really legit. I'll re-wear Asami or something for Sunday. Or maybe Yuna. Or maybe go lolita, because I'm really hoping those dresses are there this year. O.O

I've made up a list I want to finish before the end of 2012:
- loose weight
- get motorcycle license
- get concealed weapon license 
- grow out hair
- take martial arts / gymnastic classes
- grow more in God