Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Everytime I hear that I think of Meghan.. and when we were in the pool.
"You didn't have to stooop so looow."
"Why do you look at me when you say that?"


Never let me look up other people who cosplay the same characters as I do...

It ends up just making me feel like crap. Anyway, I worked a bit on Yuna but now I'm going to go layout (while I have the time and the sun is up). Fix my silly tan lines.

Neverending List:
- Re-do Asami's jacket cuffs.
- Fix Asami wig
- Boot covers for Asami
- Hair clip
  Yuna's skirt (pleat and paint)
- Yuna's black top
- Yuna's white wrap top
- Obi (painted and sewn)
- Obi decorations (rope, hibiscus, beads attached)
- Fix flower necklace
- Hair cut & dyed

I'm not doing a third cosplay. I don't have time or money.. I really want to focus on Yuna and make it really legit. I'll re-wear Asami or something for Sunday. Or maybe Yuna. Or maybe go lolita, because I'm really hoping those dresses are there this year. O.O

I've made up a list I want to finish before the end of 2012:
- loose weight
- get motorcycle license
- get concealed weapon license 
- grow out hair
- take martial arts / gymnastic classes
- grow more in God


  1. Hahahaha idk why, but I think it's just cause we were hanging out and I felt like I should be singing it at someone. Sooo there? Haa, that was funny though.

    Agree, agree agree with everything (motorcycle and concealed carrying license?! Freaking boss, Mattie! :D just be careful with them motorcycles...)

    But yeah. I want to take some form of kick boxing/karate class. Learn some moves, get out some tension/anger in a positive way. I'm also working on toning up and losing weight -- it's such a hard, long process, but in the end, it'll be worth it...

    We all need to work on our self-esteem and conscious about our bodies/appearance. I know that's a huge thing all of us girls face and go through and it hurts me seeing all of us like this :( I think group prayers or encouragement is needed, or something. I know it's a self battle, but that doesn't mean we can't all help one another too :)

    I love you mattie and can't wait to see all your amazing cosplays finished! <3

  2. dude mattie!!! Take karate with me in Piedmont!! :DDDD