Friday, May 3, 2013

won't tell anyone your voice is my {F A V O R I T E} sound

This video reminds me of last spring/summer :33

Last blog I wrote back in April but forgot to post it.. I didn't even finish it. I was so stressed but I am so much better. LIKE A BIJLION times better ;)

A P R I L p r o d u c t R E V I E W

This wax bar is from Walmart, $2.00 each, it is really strong. It smells like soap / clean / fresh in my room! I love it. If you have a wax burner, I recommend it.

These a pretty good, not as good as the real deal from Starbucks, but pretty close. The cool lime is my favorite flavor and you just add it to your water bottle. It's a nice treat and good when you've got tired of water. Don't remember the calories.. maybe like 50?

That is all.
 I love this workout. When I was doing it more consecutively I really felt like it helped. It's $7.00-$10 at Target and or Walmart. I totally recommend this one. It has three different levels: easy, medium, hard. Each are 30 minutes, with a cool down.

Cheryl gave me this a long time ago, I don't remember when. I'm just now almost done with it. I love it, it smells really good and it softens my hair. I usually put it in and sleep with it in over night. I will have to totally get another one. ;)

Michelle gave this to me because she accidentally grabbed the waterproof version. I usually don't wear waterproof because it's a pain to take off, but I just love what this stuff does to my lashes and hey, free mascara is free mascara. When I run out of this, I want to try the original version.

Mossimo long and lean layering tanks $8 at Target. I don't know where I would be without these things. I love layering them with all of my t-shirts. They really don't shrink and they last for a long time.

I've been told that I should be using a heat protection spray on my hair before using styling tools... In the dyed ends of my hair I can tell a difference probably because they are already super fried. So it has to be working on the other ends of my hair.

There are two other products that the pictures aren't loading..

Capri Seaside Citrus is a new scent by Bath and Body works, "Italy" inspired. Out of the three new scents it is most definitely my favorite. I have the body mist and lotion. I love it! I use them all the time. The scent seems to last for a long time, I don't feel like I have to constantly re spray myself either.

Lastly: I've tried Sephora's eyeshadows. I recently used "Walking in the Sand" it's a nude brown with a slight shimmer. They've reformulated their eyeshadows. It seems to last longer and the pigments are really great. They're really expensive... so let's see if it will last a long time.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Anyway. Iron Man 3 came out today!! :)) I am so stoked to go see that.. I think we're gonna go see it tomorrow, I have a free movie ticket that I can use too!! I don't know if I wanna wear my Cap'n shirt or my Thor shirt.. decisions decisions.

I'll be coming home a week from tomorrow! May 10th, I get in around 1:10 p.m. YAY! It feels like forever.. a month in fact. I'm excited. To SEE EVERYONE!

Rhiannon and I are going to redo my mom's room, like paint and clean. We're gonna get her some memory foam and a new bed set (sheets, pillows, comforter) etc. And possibly a heating pad/blanket. She's having hip surgery June 3rd so we figured that's the place she'll probably spend most of her time for a while.. better make it pretty. She's talked about having it country themed, I found a cute quilt with reds and creams.. super cute! We're gonna paint an accent wall red, the wall the head of the bed sits on, and then gonna collage a couple of crosses above the bed. I am super excited.. I hope she loves it.

I really want the girls to get together and watch Les Miserables. I REALLY WANNA WATCH WITH YOU GUYS. MEGHAN WE MUST WATCH IT TOGETHER. Haaaaaaaaave to.

Then our birthday party! I'm excited about that. To hang with friends.. it'll be like a friend con. :) And we can escape reality! Ha ha.

Love you guys!! Talk to ya soon!
For some reason, this blog was stupidly hard to write.. blogger was acting up. How long has this change been effective? I still hate the new. I HATE THE NEW CHANNNNGE. I miss the old blogger. It was easier.. and less stupid.

White petals f a l l i n g softly to the ground.

Did you know?

- I'm really picky about the apples I eat, my favorites are fuji and honeycrisp. I won't eat any other flavors, they're just not as sweet and crisp.
- I'm really quite shy and I'm hard to open up. I hate confrontation.
- I really like all kinds of music, I prefer classical or big band/swing.
- I cannot sleep with out a fan. Like a space fan or some sort of noise. I just can't sleep as well without one.
- I guess if I had to pick one color to be my favorite it would be pink. But I love purple, teal, blue, green as well. Especially pastels of all of those.
- In elementary I was bullied for being fat and I was called "Mattie Fattie" (thanks parents lol) that has made me self conscious ever since.
- I am such a country girl deep down. I miss riding horses, being in rodeos, riding in parades. I love country music too, I'm not gonna lie. It reminds me of my childhood.
- I was actually born in Arkansas ;)
- I love flowers! All flowers, even the kind people call weeds.

At first when I started to blog I was hateful, depressed, unmotivated. I was looking for a video to use with this entry and I found this person's youtube page. THEY HAVE AMAZING VIDEOS. Beautiful and wonderful calming relaxing videos. It really soothed me, I just closed my eyes and listened to it for a moment.

Hmph, sorry it has been a month since I last posted. It's been due to not knowing what to post about, unmotivated, no time, yada yada excuses.

Right now I'm just kind of stressed, here's why:
I'm about to come to another fork in the road. The people I've been staying with have been really great to me and I would love to stay longer here in Maryland with them. She's said things like, "I don't know what I'm going to do without you." "You are my sanity." And all these things... That there will not be another me or could I just go to school here. However on the other hand, I told P I'd come back to the daycare and help out this summer... do the program, help with the shirts.

Everything aside, I hate disappointing people and in my situation it has to be done.

Eventually yes, I have to come home. I need to work on my future... I want to see my family.

I talked to my mom about it.. she said people would think I'm crazy for giving it up. Yes, I make a lot of money.. but I'm lonely here. I don't have friends or family... at the end of the day, these people, they don't love me. Truly love me.. I miss hugs. I miss warmth. I miss being with loved ones.

Sometimes I feel like this world nowadays is just so wrapped up with money. Money this money that. It stinks.