Friday, February 24, 2012


I am like a zombie, seriously.

Things I need to get done before tomorrow/things I need to tackle:
1. Statistics homework
2. Discussion questions in Psychology classes
3. Taxes!
4. Start laundry
5. One week behind on 365 days D:

I've been reading an awesome book, I'll have to tell you more about it later. But it's amazing.


  1. Love you Mattie!! >< You can do it! and don't feel bad, I'm behind on 365 days too. ;__; and haha I like that first photo. Poor Math. XD I can't wait to see you this weekend! :D

  2. Love you dear! I have a lot to get done too before the weekend @.@ Guh.
    I hate math D< It seriously should not exist. But I guess it kinda' needs to, reason's sake and all.. and sadly the universe can't run without it. /facepalm
    And I'm behind-ish on 365 days. But we're all still powering through! That's what matters. I remember about this time last year I just gave up. D: And we're all already improving, I can tell already!
    I just need to find more things/subjects to draw bahaha