Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We're going to get through this.

"You know, you're wearing red too early. Valentine's Day is next week." I laughed at him, we were both walking on a freshly piled sand pit. I barely knew him, he just started hanging around with us, he always seemed so distant though... That's why I'm so excited he's finally talking to me.

"It's my favorite color." He muttered it under his breath and his attention else where. The sun was slowly setting on the horizon, its warm colors bounced off the trees and reflected through the clouds. Being in the nature park was refreshing and always left me sad when it was time to go. "You know, I think a couple of us are going to go get something to eat, would you wanna go?" I waited for a response... "I can totally pay for you, it's cool." I smiled. He suddenly stopped. "Quit following me. I know who you run with, I know who you have eyes for..."

Puzzled. I have no idea what he's talking about. "Did I saw something wrong? I take it back I just want to be your friend." I've only tried to get along with this guy, what's his deal?.. who I run with? He walked over to his red truck and sat there with the engine at idle. I walked up to it, he was shaking. I leaned in against his open window.

"Are you alright? I can take you to the doctor, you look sick." I'm scared for him, I've never seen someone so pale and pained. "If you know what's best for you, you'll leave now." And in that moment he punched on the gas pedal, all I could do was hold on.

The crease of my armpits were digging into the glass of the window. I couldn't even say anything, the force from the wind knocked all the breath out of me. Even when I managed to scream it was lost into the night which had fallen all around us. I struggled as I tried to keep my feet and legs from hitting the non-stop movement of the pavement. We were approaching a curve in the road and I let go. My body rolled out of control on the ground. I could feel myself go from the street, into grass/mud, and lastly into water. The roar of the truck sped off into the distance, then I was swallowed in silence.

I was in so much pain that I was completely numb, I couldn't feel much of anything. Frantically I searched for my phone hoping, wishing, praying that it was still on my person and still working. I waited, laying in the ditch, to make sure there wasn't any sign of him driving back to find me. I reached into my pocket and rebooted my phone. The light flickered on and illuminated my face. I mustered up the strength to dial the numbers that I knew so well and the three rings that felt like centuries ended when I heard his voice. My heart lept.

"Kkk.. Kaname?" Without even having to say anything his reply was "I'm on my way." I just started to sob and heave into the phone. "Do you know where you are? Hello? Hold on, hold on, hold on..." And I blacked out.


The smell in the air was rich, I couldn't really place it. I could hear some voices outside the room, but I couldn't move, rather I didn't want to move from all of the pain. I opened my eyes to this beautiful room and I knew instantly where I was, Kaname's house. I tried to sit up but ended up right back down. Why? Why would he have done that? Was he out of his freaking mind? I don't understand what's going on. Just then the door opened and a crack of light slowly trickled in. I didn't see who it was and that's when the feeling in the air got eerie.

"Hello? Who's there?" I could barely see my surroundings. Just as fast as the door had opened it had closed. I shrink-ed down into the covers and buried my face in the cool silk comforter. "It's alright, it's me." I jumped, Kaname had came to the right side of the bed and now was facing me. Concern and anger was written all over his face. "What's wrong?" I was the one in pain and beaten, I'm asking this, I am such a loser sometimes. "I actually have been hiding something from you.." He looked away from me. We have sort of been dating, it was never really deemed "official"... but we enjoyed each other's company and it seemed to be going well. I didn't know what to expect. Great, here I am just experienced something super weird and traumatic and now he's going to tell me he's seeing another girl or isn't interested in someone like me.

"You're not going to believe one word of it..." He paused, he was taking in every facial feature, every expression I portrayed on my face. "You were attacked because of me. He actually tried to get to know you to get to me, but he couldn't bare it." Bare it? Unusual words to use? Am I such a hard person to get along with... I looked back into his auburn eyes and there was a faint smirk on his face. I knew he probably knew what I was thinking and as soon as I took in air to start speaking on my defense, arctic winds blew into the room. Kaname jumped up from his chair and took me in his arms.

My chest cavity felt empty but yet at the same time my heart raced as it pumped adrenaline to the rest of my body. I felt helpless and limp as he held me. When I started to question him, I heard it. There were hissing noises, first coming from the front of the room spreading all around us. My grasp on him grew tighter as they grew louder. Nothing was said for the longest time. Kaname turned his eyes on me, they were understanding and wise and full of compassion. "I wanted to tell you, I am a pureblood vampire. He attacked you to get to me and now they are here for both of us." I couldn't process this... fear. That's the one word that stood out in my head... I'm scared. He smiled again, "I want to protect you, it will be all over soon." He buried my face into his shoulder. I heard screams, things being slammed around, loud "booming noises."

But in this moment all I know is that he was holding me tightly in his arms, and he was going to get us through this.

CRAZY DREAM! CRAZY-NESS, I tell you. Haha. Some of the similarities I can totally tell you where they came from. It's funny how your brain can pull things from the most random-ist of places. It was kinda scary but with Kaname there, it was okay. Puhh-hahaha.

This week has actually been super up-and-down. Sunday was awesome, got to hang with friends and just love life. Yesterday I found out my cousin tried to commit suicide. He wasn't successful, thankgoodness, but still. It's just, heartbreaking. First the death of my uncle, then all the drama with Rhiannon's baby situation, and then my cousin. I just feel like the Earth keeps on speeding up with the spinning, like those tea cup rides at the fair. It speeds up so fast that it makes you vomit.

Then! A kid at Ariana's school pulled on her earring. The teacher's didn't really say anything about it to my mom but when she got home and started to clean it, she found out that the boy pulled it through the hole. So we had to take her to the doctor, I held her down, and we had to break it a part and pull it through both sides. Ariana now has a decent whole in her ear. >.> These teachers are crazy and don't really do their job. I mean she has her own aid, where is this aid? Ariana has got hurt before but this has been super bad. My mom is going to have a "chat" with them tomorrow.

I am so exhausted right now. It's 11:29 p.m. and I'm sure there's something else I'm suppose to mention but I can't remember. I love you guys! XD

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  1. O.O AMAZING dream. That's so intense!

    Again though, I'm sorry about your family stuff :( When things go wrong or bad stuff happens, it alls seem to happen at the same time. *hugs* You'll get through it all though, and we're prayin' for you!

    Love you, Mattie! We're all gonna' plan another girls day or night real soon :D <3