Sunday, February 19, 2012

Girl's gotta love like, whoa.

Trying to clean my pit of a room before I'm gone for the week. This week, however, I plan to get homework done BEFORE the weekend so I can actually enjoy it and not stress out. I am super super ready to finally get started on my room too. So this weekend, I totally wanna do it.

There are four extra kids at my house O.O 8 children in my house... in my room. Caelynn, Alex, Ariana, Ambri, Ruger, Ana, Miracle, and Gabby. So mannnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I feel like I live at a daycare right now. rofl

I started a book on Friday called "Keeping a Princess Heart, in a not-so-fairy-tale world" and so far it's pretty good. I got it at Mardel's Thursday, it was on the "bargain shelf" rofl. I also got a book called "Captured by Grace" and "Back on Track: a 16-week challenge to help you reach your weight-loss goals." I'm super excited about them because I haven't really read a book for myself in a long time. Probably since the last Twilight series came out... well besides manga. But that doesn't really count cause it has pictures XD

I'm so stoked, I only have $800 on my school bill left, then, then then I CAN START ON COSPLAY! My next couple checks are going solely to my school bill so I can be freeee! Free *sobs* and I need to still do my taxes, which can also go towards cosplay stuff. I'm excited!

*dances* Sighh, well right now I'm watching Bleach at least trying too. I'm almost done cleaning my room, sorta. I need to catch up on my 365 but right now I feel so blahhh. Maybe once I clear off my working space I'll feel a lot better, I always tend to when I do.

I had so much fun this weekend! Hanging out with you guys (Cheryl, Sable, Meghan, Ray, Becky)!!! We need/and should do it more often. I'm going to come up with the A-Kon 23 pamphlets and totals of everything, so we should come up with a date to meet. Yeeyeah! I'll make a pie chart too.

Love ya :3

P.S. The girl below as Cinderella and Aurora is actually Alex and Ambri's biological half cousin. She works at Disneyland and is a model for Hollister. She's so pretty! 

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