Monday, February 6, 2012

*・゚☆f a n c y p i x e l s☆゚・*

There are so many things I could and should be doing right now, but I feel so lazy and cozy in front of my space heater and watching youtube videos and dreaming about cosplay <3

I've been watching a lot of cutscenes and game play videos from Dissidia 012 AND I REALLY WANNA PLAY IT, but Brant forgot his PSP at his friend's house.. so I have to wait lol.

I'm pretty excited about starting cosplay work days! Have we decided the other groups as well? Our Final Fantasy group, which I really wanna do on a Saturday. Our Sailor Moon group? And then a free for all? This is for TnT of course. And you know what... we need to come up with a cosplay group name! How cool would that be? It needs to be epic and hardcore. ;D

Uhh, so pumped! And you know, I'm totally okay if we don't have guys going with us to A-Kon. I mean, I think we'll be okay and it might just be a time where we need space, they need space, and we'll all just chill. Maybe while we're gone they can have a guys weekend or something, ya know?

I think I might make a surprise cosplay for A-Kon, nothing too crazy / fancy / expensive, nothing too big. Ya know? I do wanna cosplay, just for one day. lol

So there's a calendar of the month of February and it's called "Fab Ab February." Ladies, let's do this! Let's get fab abs. I'm totally stoked and inspired to work out! I just hope I can keep this inspiration! 

:3 kitty face


  1. Maybe we can have a cosplay work day this Sunday after everyone's church services? That'd be a good time to start some progress or something :3 Everyone can gather their respective materials before then and we can just work away~

  2. I don't have any money to start :( I'm still paying school, books, and other random things.

  3. Aww I see :( Well, we can all start our cosplay work days soon then :3 There's still enough time.