Saturday, February 11, 2012

All your l i f e.

I love the style of this video! It's so pretty and uhhhhhh. They are pretty much my new favorite band, if they weren't before. I really dig this "country" vintage look and feel too.. I was thinking about my room and now I'm torn. Though I've already planned everything out for what I'm doing now, so I don't think I will. But I really love the pastel blues. I think I'm going to make the front part of my room like a "sitting room." And put like a coat rack/purse rack/shoe rack. My parents just laugh. lol

It really makes me want to go horse back riding. Someone has our saddles right now though... but the feel of the wind and the power in the animal you're on. I love it. It's just so awesome. I could ride for hours on end. I don't know if you knew this, but I use to ride on a drill team. For like rodeos and stuff. We even competed in Texas at like the National level. XD A lot of people are like "Whhhhhaaaaaaat? You're like country and stuff?" Haha, I remember when Morgan first came over to my house she was like "You live on a farm?" lol.

I'm not ashamed, I have country roots in me. I mean, I am from Arkansas. And then my family goes deep deep into the Southern traditions. My grandmother still has an African American help, of course she isn't treated like the ladies in the movie "The Help." My great grandmother Mattie (of course named after) she had help too. My grandpa actually picked cotton in the cotton fields. I sure there are a lot of other things... lol.

I have three assignments due today, one due tomorrow, three tests one due tomorrow the other two due Monday, and I think an assignment due Monday. I'd do them during the week but I'm never home. O.O So then I'm bombarded on the weekend. Then today from 5:30 to midnight we have our Parent's Night Out.

Buh, work. Here's my moment to complain and gripe, because it's seriously a legit reason. We have recently got this new little boy, which he is seriously the spawn of evil. Yesterday he punched me in the stomach, punched my legs, hitting me on the butt, putting my shirt in his mouth and chewing on it, spitting on me, kicking me and last week he pulled my hair and like took some out. His mom is just like "I don't know what to do, la la la la la, I'm so frustrated." O.O ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You're frustrated? I want to beat him, seriously. I had to give him to someone else. It's that ridiculous.

Would you guys totally hate me if I wanted to play in the orchestra again at A-KON? I'd have to be there at like 8 again every morning... if you guys seriously don't want to I totally understand. OHHH and I totally wanna cosplay has one of the Gaia NPC's and go to the Gaia pannel. WANNA DO IT WITH ME?! They're pretty easy because they wear pretty normal street clothes! It'd be fun and fun to see who would recognize us. :D

 Those four girls (Kanoko, Sasha, Moria, and Rina) are my favorites. And we really wouldn't have to get wigs or anything.. probably just hit up goodwill and do a bit of modifying. Whatcha think? I'd probably wanna do Moria (goth, and more modest) or Kanoko, except that Meghan or Cheryl would be better for those since they have the long hair. I think I'd be a pretty good Sasha, short hair and everything, plus I have that weird coloring thing going on! XD Yep, I think I'm gonna cosplay as Sasha, and get some of that fake tanner stuff! :D

Well I need to get onto that homework! Love you girls <3 Psffft, does Sable have a blogger? Well she needs one if not! P.S. I am totally ready for spring/summer/warmer weather. <3

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