Saturday, February 4, 2012

・:*:・゚ Candy Coated ・:*:・゚

That's the name of the paint I'm using. Candy coated, Old fashioned pink, and Watermelon pink. Aren't those just fun names! :D

So Rhiannon was going into labor Thursday, contracting from every 10 minutes to every 5 minutes. Mom said she was bawling and Mom was very worried. So when Mom the nurse is worried, that worries me. Rini's husband said he "didn't feel like" taking her to the Labor and Delivery... >.> really? I just don't understand that. I CAN'T FATHOM it. She's my sister and I'd do anything for her. You guys are my best friends and I'd do anything for you guys. P is my boss and I'd do anything for her. If anyone close to me was in so much pain I'd want to do anything within my power to make them feel better. Rini is suppose to be his "soul mate" the whole "through sickness and health" yet he doesn't feel like it. How can that be? I seriously want to punch him in the face. I also cursed a couple of times that day. I did stop and ask "What would Jesus do" about this guy. What would Jesus tell him... I know what I would want Jesus to tell him. Her husband seriously needs to grow up, a lot.

I haven't been doing too well with the whole dieting thing, I had a chocolate splurge. Oh my goodness, it was yummeh. XD I need to get back on the healthy kick. I have, however, stayed true to myself and haven't had soda. I'm so proud! Even when I am craving one like no other, I have tea or water instead. I wanna give up sweets now, one thing at a time you know? I want to be toned for the summer. I can already feel a change in my arms, which is super exciting! :3

I am so ready for Spring! And to plant flowers! I want to have a garden this year! :3

( Style/theme I'm basing my room off of <3 )

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