Monday, January 30, 2012


OKAY, I have my heart totally set on doing this for a skit. Mostly me flailing around on a box on stage. XD

But I want to make it intense, like the amv is. Sooooooo I was wondering if some of you guys would be extras and really get into performing. Like crying. You know? Like the lady does because she lost her baby, in the amv? I'll think more about it and what I want, but I was just wondering if you'd be interested. Meghan, Cheryl... do you think any of the guys would help out? I mean they wouldn't say anything just stand back and watch, be the strong manly consoling figure? I found this one that's really cool and I'd like to implement some things into mine from it.

See how stiff she is? I'd totally add a toss in there too... and in the amv Yuna cries because Lulu after it's over says "Next time now tears, okay?" I can totally throw some tears in there. For guard we had to cry in performance, I'm good at that. I'm so excited! >.< It's going to be sad... and you know, now to sound conceited, I think I could totally win. I mean there was only two skits last year at TnT... ROFL

Sorry, I don't wanna sound full of myself. I'm just really excited! And I really want to do this!


  1. *raises hand*

    I'd TOTALLY do the extra part! As long as I don't have to learn any lines or anything. xD And I'm sure Ethan could be the strong consoling figure to me or something... (or not, considering how terrified he was to go on stage at the cosplay contest at last summer's TnT, bahaha)... I'd just try to channel some sort of inner struggle or sadness, and be as realistic as possible.

    I think that'd be really great though; there are too many goofy or just stupid skits. It'd be nice to see a serious one, that's intense and emotional to really capture everyone's attention. That'd be really great!

  2. Haha! YES! No, I'm not sure if I want any lines, and if anything it's be recorded and you'd just move your mouth. All I'll next the extras to do is look depressed because they just lost their loved ones.

    I kinda wanna do what that girl did with the blue fabric so it looks like water ;D And she also had those poppers! But I don't wanna copy her, so I'm trying to come up with my own version. lol

    YEAH Serious skit!