Sunday, January 15, 2012

Who do you think you are?

This is, like, the first time for me to get on the computer in almost a week. I've been either working at the daycare or babysitting and when I do have time to myself I hang out with friends or I'm usually sleeping. Today I packed up my room in boxes so they can finish my room. I'm totally excited to get this thing done! :D

So they turned my Uncle off Saturday and he passed away. His viewing is Tuesday and the funeral is Wednesday. I cried the other day. It's crazy to think that someone can be here one day and not the next. Crazy and scary. I've only been to one other funeral that was my Mamaw's funeral in May 2009. My cousin's are my age, I can't imagine losing my Dad.

I have some weird upper respiratory thing and a sore throat. It stinks... when I try to laugh all I do is cough. Buh! We ended up not going to church this morning. My mom was in pain all yesterday and she's still today. Then me and the kids got back last night at 12:30 ish? I can't remember. I think I'm getting sick because of my lack of sleep. But I'm eternally grateful for the extra sleep this morning.
At the daycare last night, "This is my teacher, Mattie."
"Oh hi Mattie, I'm soandso." "Hi :3"
"So do you go to school here in Piedmont?"
"I actually go to school at OSU-OKC." "Oh, oh I'm sorry."

: /

I've been doing great on the Daniel Fast, last week of it! The 21st is our last day! I think that I'll keep on it though, I mean I haven't really been losing a lot of weight. I think I've lost like 5 pounds or so.. not that much of a difference. Though I haven't really been working out like I should, I've just been busy or tired. I think also because I've been eating almost like this anyways. I wasn't much of a meat eater or a milk drinker only on occasion. What really I cut out was soda, I was a devout soda drinker. And cutting out sugar. XD This fast has made me renew my love for oranges <3 My new year's resolution is giving up soda for sure and I wanna grow out my hair.

Becky you really touched me when you said that I look good with short hair because I've been feeling really ugly lately and over my hair. It really helped me. I'm sorry that I'm always so down about how I look. Secretly I do really have a grudge about myself. I'm always thinking maybe if I looked thinner or if I had longer hair maybe people would like me more. I don't know, just blah.

I know what I have to do to loose weight. I have to work out hardcore. That's how I lost weight in highschool and last year. I need to start running and working out again. But I need someone to hold myself accountable. Like someone text me and ask me if I've worked out. Because I will not hold myself accountable and then I'll slack off and be a bum.

I really want to be a good Yuna. :(


  1. *hugs* I'm so sorry about your uncle, Mattie :( that would be really hard to handle. I can't imagine how your aunt and cousins are handling it either. I'll be praying for you and your family as you go through this..

    I'm so glad the Daniel Fast has been going well for you though! :D Besides those few times for me, it's been really great too. There were even moments when I wanted to be weak and cheat, but other people that I told about the fast (like co-workers or fellow students) would tell me to fight through it and hold to my commitment; and they aren't even Christian or anything, they just know how determined I was and I had told them about it.

    For some reason that stuck out to me, like "Hm, maybe I'm making a small impression on these people?" especially since I say it's for spiritual reasons and what not :D I'm looking forward to it being the last week, but at the same time I didn't regret doing this at all; it's been a great learning experience, both physically and spiritually.

    I'm sorry you've been feeling down on yourself ,Mattie :( *hugs* I'm there with you though with the weight thing. I've lost some weight during this fast, but at the same time, I gained a lot over the course of last semester, I'm somewhat ashamed of myself because of it. Weight has always been my main self-esteem thing, I find myself envying girls that are thinner or more "petite" or "small". I'm accepting myself though and just fighting hard to get my goals, this fast has been the start of it too. Really training my mind. As well as focusing on God and just knowing that He sees I'm beautiful, so I should see myself that way too.

    And I just KNOW you will be an amazing Yuna. <33 I can't wait to see you as her! It'll be a magical moment :D

    I love you Mattie! And can't wait to see your face again, SOON! :D

  2. Hey Mattie! So sorry about your uncle. :( Hope your family's doing well.Just remember,your uncle's in a better place now. ;) I Am SO PROUD of You!!! XD Keep up the Daniel Fast girl! I will keep on praying for you spiritually,physically,and mentally. You keep serving God first and set aside time for Him. :)

    Awwww!! X3 I'm so glad that I made you feel better about your hair and it's so true,you really look pretty with that hairstyle.It suits you well! ^^ With that haircut,you remind me of an anime character.So Cool! XD Anyway,please don't feel ugly about yourself.That what satin wants you to think,but you can't believe that.You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God Mattie and that's the truth. :) He didn't make a mistake on that.

    I love you and I will always think your pretty inside and out! Just remember,in God's timing,some God fearing man is gonna sweep you off your feet someday and he's gonna love you for who you are. Your not alone,I'm waiting patiently for him too. ^-^ <3 God bless you Mattie and take care!