Sunday, January 29, 2012


Garbage, bwhaha, Vic your so cool! I hope he's doing something at A-KON, a Sunday reflection type thing. I really would like to speak with him and tell him how much his words reached me at Izumicon.

Sorry I was acting the fool the other day. I just let things take me under and I know I shouldn't. I need to trust in God more and pray about things. Everything is going to be okay, more than okay, perfect. I don't need to let Satan get me down.

Our message in church today spoke to me. Confirming and confirming. The title of the message was "Constancy of Trusting God" which I know I need to improve in. Pastor spoke about how we are all called according to His purpose, He has planned for us, gifted us, and we need to TRUST in Him regardless of the situation, bad news, or circumstances.

I was a bit worried, going into a convention and trying to witness, being shut down and maybe even chewed out. But with God on our side, what can they really do? We need to put trust in Him.

Sigh, I'm taking a break from statistics. I've only done one lesson, but it's so borring and the narrators voice is so monotoned. We dropped my dad off at the airport today, he went to Georgia for work. In a couple of months I think he has to go somewhere else too. But he'll be back on Thursday! It was a lot of fun though.. they have those long strips moving floor things. Like an escalator but it's flat, I guess for people with lots of luggage or people who are lazy. We played on them, it was fun. The kids really enjoyed it! :D

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  1. I am so excited to see Vic!! AAAAHHH! I bet he loves going to big cons like AKON, more of a crowd he can reach to. :) But yeah, his words at Izumicon, man... it's a moment I will always remember. I'm getting goosebumps thinking about it. God was so present there through Vic, speaking to us, and to the lost -- and in a place like a convention! -- it was almost tangible and overwhelming. I'm so excited! :D