Monday, January 30, 2012

"People die, Yuna dances."

"When will she stop dancing? When will it stop? Yuna won't stop dancing, not until Sin is gone." - Tidus, FFX

OKAY I really wanna do a skit of that scene and of course I wouldn't use the flag... I'D USE THE ROD ETHAN'S MAKING FOR ME :3 :3 :3 I don't think he realizes how happy I'm going to be when I see it. Step back, I might go nuts.

But I saw some one youtube, skits of the "sending" and they weren't very fluid. They were stiff and kinda robot like. Coming from a sort-danceish back ground I think I could do it!

Then I was gonna ask, are we doing a skit for A-KON?, TnT?, Izumicon? Just wondering ;D and if so then we need to get on with writing it. I think we should do one for A-KON, I mean why not? lol

I'm making a shirt/tank top/dress thing out of one of my mom's old 80's dresses. Haha, it's turning out okay so far. I'll post some pictures of it when I'm totally finished! I'm taking a break right now lol

I'm so excited!!! I need to catch up with my 365 day drawings, I think I need to do three? Un sure, but I'll get to it. I don't think I've seen any improvement but I'm trying to push out of the box. I just hate doing tutorials because I feel like it's not even my work, I'm just copying. >.>

I hope to start painting on my room this weekend for sure. I'm ready to have a cute pink room that we can have poetry readings in! BTW, this weekend is the vintage flea market! They have a ton of cute things there and TOTALLY we need to go!!!! I'm probably going on Saturday in the morning when it first opens... I found a ton of awesome stuff there. I got a huge antique wall clock for $20, it's gold and pretty and I got an old sliver brush and comb set for $25! ;D

Meghan and Cheryl and who ever else! We totally need to get cute wholesome vintage bathing suits. The more I look at them the harder I want to work! :D I've seen some cute ones in the mall before.. and online! I'm totally up for this! Meghan, the beach is the perfect destination. Too bad we weren't going together to the same spot.. coincidentally. Then we COULD take cosplay photos... at the beach. rofl 


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  1. Aaah, I can't wait to see your Yuna. It's going to be AMAZING. And the staff Ethan's making will turn out really beautifully I'm sure! :)

    I think a skit should be later down the road, maybe Izumicon >o< I personally really want AKON to be all about experiencing the convention, like panels and walking around more and taking pictures and really seeing everything this time. As well as just laid back and less stressful I guess. /Debbie downer. I'm sorry! D: But I think getting used to skits by starting small will help us build up and be more confident and eventually we can do some at bigger cons too :3

    That vintage fair sounds amazing! I work Saturday like 12-8 though. D: Is it open Sunday? I'm free all day Sunday. Or I could switch with someone to work Sunday instead of Saturday. It's whatever XD Text me and we can figure it out more!