Saturday, January 21, 2012

Who run the world?

The song is kinda cheesy, but it still makes me pumped for our awesomely huge Final Fantasy girl group! :D

Sharon bought P some cake for her birthday and I had to take it over to our center... it was soooo tempting. I was like, "Okay if I have a piece I'll just do it longer..." but then I thought you know, that piece of cake isn't going to taste as good as I think it will be and the guilt will feel so much worse. So I said, "Hahaha, I beat you today cake. You can't have me, I'll have an orange instead." But I did pick out chocolate caramel coffee creamer for me tomorrow, that's what I'm gonna have! And my Dad's making lasagna for me >.< mmmmm, warm good food.

Thanks guys for everything. It just seemed like everything was crashing around me the other day, and I didn't know what to do. Things are still a bit iffy, but that's life. I'm working through it. But thanks for being so awesome, I appreciate it to no end. I know I can always count on you guys and thank you for being someone I can run to. Love you girls!

WHO RUN THE WORLD?! Rofl, we'll have to scream that.

My parents are wanting to go to the beach in Florida, I'm trying to convince my dad if we can go to Disney World for at least one day, one day and I'll be the happiest girl in the world. I just want to go to Magic Kingdom again. <3

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  1. Dude, YES! I'm stoked for that too. I'm making more progress on Yuffie, but I may try to start working on Rinoa too, since a lot of people are going as the main girl heroines from each game, Final Fantasy VIII wouldn't be properly represented :3 <3

    The fast is over now! I learned so much through it though. It's really helped with will power. I've lost a lot of weight too and just feel better, so I don't want to go back into any bad habits right away. I also just know and understand that all food is a blessing from God and that we should nourish our bodies as such; that HE will sustain us and is looking out for us. I won't look to food as a comfort necessarily now like I used to, but look to Him instead :3

    I can't say I'm not excited though for some coffee or meat xD Hahahahaha, I'm drinking Starbucks right now, oy vey haha.

    Magic Kingdom sounds so amazing!! *_* I seriously want to go to Disneyworld, though I doubt my parents would want to go with me now since they're older and I'm older, so I'd need to go with either my family in the future or with friends. *sigh* So magical, I've never been though D': I feel deprived. I'll figure somethin' out xD

    Love you, Mattie! ;D