Saturday, January 28, 2012

When will my life begin...

I feel kinda stuck like Rapunzel. The same things everyday, everyday. I'm barely even home, I don't really get to see my family, I don't get to see my friends. And having classes online don't really hold me accountable.

This past week at the daycare we were learning about the letter "P" so I dressed like Rapunzel, it was so much fun and the older kids were like "Whoa you're Rapunzel! You're so beautiful." I wish adults were like kids, my pre-k girls and boys always tell me that I'm beautiful and awesome. It's insane how much society will corrupt their brains. I've got a couple of dreams that were, interesting! lol

#1. I was walking in a school yard and this gang of guys were picking on girls, pulling them aside and trying to kiss them against their will. Well that so happened to be the path to my car, right?! So I'm trying to get past them, I did, but then I hear foot steps behind me. "Ohhhhh she thinks she can get past US." And then I can hear them cuss and stuff, then all of a sudden someone grabs my hand from behind and I do something were I twist my hand free, grab his arm, and flip him over. Then it was quiet, the guy was knocked out, and his gang were going nuts. "We're gonna get you @!#$#%" So then I start running, I try to find the police on campus but I couldn't. I finally get into the science department and hide in one of the anatomy rooms. lol

#2. I was walking down neighborhoods, I was lost. I don't know what I was looking for and I couldn't remember anything about my past. I however had the truck (that I drive now) and drove it to a restaurant, parked it, and continued to walk. Most of the dream I was walking and hiding from people. Weird. Well I went back to get my truck and started to freak out. Some guy who works at the restaurant was trying to calm me down, but someone had stolen the truck.. then they were trying to rob the store. So they came in with guns and stuff. Well the man who owned the place, the guy who was trying to calm me down, and some men i the restaurant beat them off. This was in a post apocalyptic world I think, because things were just different.

Crazy dreams. lol

Ever since my parents have started talking about going to the beach, I have yearned for it. I can't wait to feel the sun of my skin, my feet in the sand, and the nice cool waves beating my legs. I want summer now.

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  1. I'm sorry you're feeling stuck :( Sometimes the best way to get un-stuck is almost chasing after a change in your life; whatever that means. Sometimes it's a new setting, a new job, a new routine. A fresh change even in your mindset through thinking differently could do the trick. I know it's hard to change things so quickly though, especially stuff like a job or school or a living situation... :/ I wish there was a way you could just work less and get more time off for yourself. You really need it, and DESERVE it none the less.

    My parents are planning vacation stuff for this year too, and the first thing I said was "I WANT A BEACH" I want to hear the lapping waves, feel sand between my toes, the perfect climate around me while I read or draw or meditate. I also mentioned Disneyworld/land, haha, but that may not happen. I don't want to get my hopes up, but honestly, a vacation of any sort sounds amazing!!