Monday, January 2, 2012

More or less.

"I'm not one of your spies, just send someone else in... I really don't want to be here, I wanna go home." The next thing I realize I've been pushed into a room full of foreign faces whose eyes were burning holes into my body. "Come, come. We do not have all day." The older woman at the front of the classroom motioned at me, I suppose I'll get this over with. She looked stern and set in her ways, her face was weathered from her years but she wore the most beautiful purple and blue sari. I could tell without even looking that everyone's heads turned as I made my way to the front. She moved me to where I was at the front and center. "This is our exchange student, she's from our great brother country. Name, please give us your name." "Oh, it's ----------." "Well welcome..." I could tell she was judging me from my attire I was in jeans and a hoodie, everyone else was adorned in silk. Yep, sore thumb. "Take an empty seat."

Brother country, yeah right. Our countries barely get along, it's like a backstabbing friend relationship. No one wants me to sit next to them, I know it, dirty glares and whispers in their native language. Dad really owes me a lot for shoving me here. I could've sat around while he did his diplomatic duties, this is a nightmare. Finally an empty seat. As soon as I sat down she went back into her subject. This wasn't like school back home. First of all there's barely any girls here and secondly she's teaching about their royalties history. Boring, I guess I'll just sit here and doodle till this whole thing is over... "They've promised us that one day water will return to our land. It will be delivered by the hand of one of the magic dweller's descendants..." I sat up and at that moment the door flew open. No one said a word. It was like clock work, this young man walked into the room and their faces hit the floor. I was stunned and couldn't move. I feel like an idiot as this gorgeous guy walks into the room.

"It is custom that one bows in my presence, but judging from your appearance you couldn't have known that." With the wave of his hand it was like nothing had ever happened and the classroom went back to normal. He showed no emotions, he had a blank face the whole time. No matter how hard I tried my eyes followed him to his seat, which so happened to be next to mine. "In this country, females are not allowed to look a male in the eyes as well." I whipped my head back to the teacher in a mad fury. Who was he to tell me what I can or cannot do? Sexist jerk, uh. All the guys near him snickered, of course they would. But I still couldn't help myself I would still sneak glances at him. He was tall and had the most beautiful brown eyes, like rivers of chocolate you could get lost into. His skin was unlike any skin color I had ever seen, it was a glowing earth color. Compared to him, or anyone here, I looked like a ghost. His hair was black and he wore it short unlike the other guys in the class who wore it longer. He wore silk, however it was embroidered and beaded in gold on top of the richest red. I couldn't make out the title of the book, but whatever it was he was entranced.

The professor rambled on about the people before us who used magic and how they were one with nature. The elements were on their side and all that mess. Things are much different at home. We're being taught about machines and how they improve our living. Now that I think about it, we don't really do anything for our environment, we've gotten so far away from those teachings. I was brought out of my daydreaming by him standing up. Again, they bowed and he casually walked out. "------ next time when that happens it is respectful to bow to our prince. You are in our country now, please show some respect." I couldn't help but sink into my chair. The bell ringed and everyone filed out into the narrow hallways. When we've talked about this country, it's always talk about how horrible it is. How filthy these people are, how uncultured they are, how everywhere is just a bunch of shacks. It's really not. I get squeezed into the rush of the people, this hallway seriously can only fit one line of traffic going one way and the other line going the other way. But it's their way of life, they're all use to it.

Before I knew it I was grabbed out of line and into an office. The door slammed. I was face to face with an older man. "I don't know who you are but I have this pencil and I know how to use it." I held it up like a knife. The man rolled his eyes. "You're not even holding it the right way." He was right, the lead portion of the pencil was pointing away, dang. "-----, I am the head master of this school. I want to welcome the diplomat's daughter to our country. Would you like some tea?" He gestured towards a huge china platter decorated in plates and cups. Around it was the most exotic flowers. There was something about the flowers though, it seemed like they sang out to me. "It's our finest." Again, I was brought out of my daze. "No thanks, I'm fine." He looked at me strangely, "We do have a dress code, I understand that you do not have much here so our prince has taken the liberty to contribute." My heart stopped and I just realized that this so called prince was in the corner. The headmaster left the room as he approached me.

"I'm sorry I was so cold toward you, I hope you understand that I have to be, my name is Haru." I didn't even want to look at him. I've heard so many things about people like him. Once you start to trust them, they'll bite you like a snake. My arms were folded, I wasn't moving. "When is my father getting back?" I could hear him sigh under his breath. "Straight forward. Knowing my father, it will not be until after sunset." Are these people stuck in some time shift, the way they phrase things.... "I will be able to speak more with you after you have changed into this." He handed me the softest garment I have ever felt. I turned on my heel to another room. I worked myself into the prettiest teal kimono and all up the front held stargazer lilies, which secretly are my favorite flower, how weird. I walked back out and now not only was Haru standing there, but the headmaster and the professor from before. No one said anything, I was embarrassed, did I have this on wrong? "I was right. It matches your eyes perfectly." Haru noticed my eyes, I could feel my face turn bright red. I wanted to bury it into these huge sleeves of mine. The three of them turned to each other, in another language started to converse. It seemed like they were arguing but there was no way I was getting into that. The flowers from before were wilted. Strange, it seemed like the life was sucked out of them, but they flourished so before... "----- you will be spending the rest of your day with Haru. Please keep your head down in his presence. In your present dress, you may talk to him. When another addresses you, do not speak. Haru will do all the speaking." While the headmaster was giving me all this information to process, the professor had a worried look on her face. It made me worried. I was told to leave all of my belongings there in the office and soon after that I followed Haru out into the crowded hallway. Though when he stepped out into it, it stopped. Only for him did people give space for and I followed right behind.

I didn't know where we were going but I saw many things that fueled my hatred for this country. A man was beating a girl for speaking out of turn, you were able to speak to others based on your appearance, horrible things. What seemed like days turned into a week. I only occasionally saw my father between his meetings and the rest of my day consisted of following Haru, only during school of course. He often disappeared afterward. Even though I hold resentment for these people, Haru, behind closed doors, is different. I wish he could express more of himself. He has a heart for his people and wants to change all of this mess. Replace these values of his father's.

"Haru, do you really still believe that there will be a descendant of the magic?"
"I want to believe it. For my people, that one day we will have water again. Not only for the rich but for everyone. How do people in your country get water?" I had to phrase my words in a way that wouldn't be offensive. "We gave up on that.. theory. Our forefathers came up with machines that revolutionized our country. Haru, we convert ocean water into drinking and usable water. You know if we worked together maybe our two count...." "No... it sounds like it works out great. But what about your home how is that?" It's dying. "And your people?" They're dying. "Machine's cannot take anyone's place." My country is a dying place. We try to use machines to replace everything. Our future, our hopes, our faith. Haru's study is filled with many wonders, in this silence all that can be heard is the trickling of the holographic water fall in the center of his room.

"Haru, if I had a secret, could I trust you to keep it?" His eyes flew to mine. I took my hands and placed them under the holographic water. At first it went through my hands like it would anyone else. As I controlled the molecules in the air, it started to form water in my hands. My hair became soaked. He couldn't say anything. He just laughed and got into the water. "How, how do you do this." "I, I just imagine it's water.." I made the water dance all around the room and to the withered plants. They sang their melody that's so familiar to me. "You... I ... you are the descendant? You are here to help us?" "I don't know, I don't know why." He held my hands under the flowing water, but at that moment the doors burst open. Men in uniforms and guns ran in and separated us. I was screaming out his name and soon I wasn't able to open my mouth. The last vision I saw was Haru walking out with another man. Unharmed. Was this all planned? Did I put too much trust in him. What is to become of me?

AND that was my dream. Basically, more or less. It was pretty freaky and weird. But awesome tooo. More happened after that but I don't feel like typing any more, I'm not that greater of a writer. XD The colors were beautiful! And smells were rich. What ended up happening was his father found out about me through my father who was killed :( and he wanted to use my powers for bad yada yada. Haru's father was going to use me against my own country, however Haru defeated him by some sort of power that kind of drained him. Like the flowers. XD I dunno it doesn't really make sense, but it seemed like the longest dream ever. It was like a mix of all the asian cultures from Japanese, Indian and also kinda middleeastern with all the woman stuff.

Haha I'm weird.


  1. @__@ That sounded like such an awesome dream! You were like a waterbender or something... that's so cool, and it was all so visual and vivid looking, I imagined it all so richly xD You should draw a picture or something or continue to write more on it, it sounds like an amazing story idea!

    I couldn't help but keep picturing the guy that played Zuko in The Last Airbender movie, Dev Patel, as the prince though, bahaha XD

  2. WOAH WOAH WOAH!!! O.O That was an amazing story Mattie! You are such a great writer and that dream is so awesome! :D You really need to make that into a manga series! I love this story.I got so into it and I visualized it like an anime! XD lol Can I have a copy of it? I want to remember this story! :) Great job!!

  3. Is there gonna be a part 2?? X3 I want this story as a Christmas gift! ;D hehe

  4. Oh my goodness Becky! lol Haha, I don't know. It was just part of my dream.. I could finish the rest of the dream for you if you want me too! XD Thanks, I've always thought that I was a horrible writer, you guys make me feel better! Haha!

    Meghan, I would draw something from it but I have a hard time conveying it onto paper. XD

  5. OOHH!!! Please Do!! X3 I want to read more!!