Monday, January 10, 2011

You're kidding.

I started two savings jars this morning, one for cosplay and the other for Mother's Day. I've decided to put at least $10.00 in both jars every week and once I get school paid for, I will put more into the jars every week. I really want to surprise my Mom with something incredible this year and with knowing I have money saved up for cosplay, to look legit, it's more of a motivator to loose more weight. I've lost two pounds though! -looks a Sailor Moon fuku- But not enough.... yet!

One week down of this fast and two more weeks to go! I think God has been talking to me and showing me things. Also answering prayers, there's nothing he cannot do. God is so amazing and thoughtful and wonderful, uh words cannot describe it! But I just want to thank God for the many wonders and miracles he has done in my life and the awesome people he as placed in it. When He closes one door He will open another.

I start school tomorrow and I don't have any of my books. AH! I hope my teachers aren't going to be mad at me.. and would we really need them the first week? I hope not or I hope I sit by someone who is really nice. I have to get mine Friday... So like the high school tradition it always was, I post my schedule or just my class list:
Computer Concepts w/Apps
Microbiology Lec
Microbiology Lab
Intro to Art
Bio/Med Terminology

But I'm really excited! I have to take the HESI exam before April 30th then I can apply for Nursing School for this coming fall! AH! And I'm going to take Physiology summer! I could technically be graduating Spring 2012 which is like.... a year away. It's so awesome.

Something that is bothering me... I guess I'm being known by the girl who "dies her hair a lot." Well yes, I do. But what's the difference between me dying it different colors and a girl who dies it every 6 weeks to cover up roots or gray hair? I guess it just really ticks me off when someone says, "Another color already wow." No I haven't dyed my hair, it's still pink... but it is fading. So you want to know the truth, I don't really care about my hair. Sure it would be nice for it to be long again and it to be it's natural color again, but lets face it: I have gray hair, thin hair, and as my Mom has so nicely pointed out a bald spot. Which I don't agree with, I definitely do not have a bald spot. I guess this just has me a bit down today. That is all.

I know, a lot of photos, but I couldn't just pick a few. XD

I am totally ready for Summer 2011! It's going to be so much fun. I'll work hard now so it'll be amazing then! No pain no gain! I really want to go to White Water or Frontier City this summer, haven't been to those places in forever! :3


  1. Don't give in to people critiquing you about your hair, I freakin' love your hair no matter what you do with it :D

    And yusss, cosplay funds! I think I'm gonna' do that too :D Physically putting money into a jar when I'm saving up for stuff really helps for some reason. Seeing it grow with more money motivates me.. and my goal for this year is 3-4 new cosplays, aaah! :0

    I love all those pictures, omgsh xD
    and White Water! Or Frontier City. We all need to do it. OH MAN, we should go in cosplay or something. Like our cool group of friends would do ;D

  2. Mattie!! thats awesome about your fund. :D Thats a really good idea. 0.0 I need to do that. XD I always wait like 2 weeks before a con and blow like so much money on materials. X_X its crazy. Having a fund is such a better idea. >< and thats so sweet about a mothers day fund. ^^ may I ask what u want to get your mom? X3 and omg Mattie, you are amazing... Idk how your doing the fast. I tired even today but... I could't. Fail! im sorry. >< I woke up and was like... buhhh a long day... i need to eat. >< forgive me. Some day I'll do a fast and stick with it. >< Your an inspiration. ^^

    Mattie, Im so happy for you! Your almost to your dream! ^__^ 1 year left, thats amazing! My dreams still feel like... dreams.. like i haven't even started on my way to achieving them yet. >< and I didn't know you felt that way about people saying that about your hair... :( Im sorry... I love your hair so much. ^^ I think its awesome you like to try different colors. Diying hair is fun. X3 and addicting. lol! ^^ And LoVE the Pictures! That one girl has like cotton candy hair! its so cool! and Black butler! wahh! X3 yay!! White Water!! YeS! we should go!! or if not frontier City, Six Flags!!!! Wahhhh! X3 Love you mattie!!