Sunday, January 30, 2011

I can't tell you what it really is.


Confined to the house and I've been kinda harsh on myself today. Uhh. So I thought if I clean my room I'd feel better but I can't find the energy to do it. Haha.

I've been looking at cosplay, wigs, and tutorials. Productive, right? I'm also hoping that this "winter storm" cancels school for a while... and I don't really mind working at the daycare. More hours = more money, right? Plus normally when it's really bad weather we don't get a lot of kids... so it would be an easy day.

I wish I could be at the beach right now... or at least somewhere where the sun is shinning and where it's warm. OH and of course with awesome people. XD


  1. Awww why have you been feeling harsh on yourself? :( and Ive been feeling like the same way today. @_@ today has been just like one of those lethargic days... I've barely done anything. >< and *sigh* I wish we could work together at the day care... ;_;

  2. It's the crash, I felt the post-poetry reading blues today! I wish we could too...