Sunday, January 9, 2011

First post.

I haven't decided what I want this blog to be about so bare with me for these first couple of posts. One I start blogging on a site I get really addicted, so you'll probably see a lot of posts from me, and I apologize right here from the get go.

Though (lightbulb) I'll probably post about dreams and aspirations of mine or topics I'm facing in life. What I want to do, who I want to be, what I want to look like. But I'm not sure yet. Haha. In any case, I hope you'll stay around to find out. It could get juicy. O.O

 I wish my hair was pink like that. I have actually vowed to myself, if I can loose more weight and get down to what I want to be, I will walk into a salon and ask for bubblegum pink hair. That or bright bright red hair. Which ever one Lee feels comfortable doing. I also need a new style, any suggestions?

 I love this girl's hippie/mod look. I think it's mostly because of her hat and her eyes. 

 This summer I am definitely going to buy an underwater camera and take underwater pictures. Some turn out so beautiful. 

 This could possibly end our relationship as blogger and reader. I love Paris Hilton. Yes I know she isn't a good person and that she does bad things. But honestly, she's beautiful. And I think that she just needs better friends and Jesus. 

 OHMAIGAWSH, it's Totoro! I would glomp that statue. :3

 Final Fantasy X is my favorite! It's true and I won't deny it. I love it more than any other one. I've often been made fun because of it... because it's "girlie" and "of course I would like it." But I don't care. This was my first FF to ever play. Yuna has inspired me so much, she's my favorite FF gal. One day, when I'm thin, I hope to cosplay her and do her legit.


  1. Mattie!!! OmG! I love you! X3 YAY! You made a blog!! I'm so happy!!! And wahhh! Love your first post X3 You should totaly go for pink hair! x3 Thats so awesome! If you do, I will totaly put blue in my hair. X3 And man, my friend Johanna will love you! Shes been wanting to dye her hair that color for ever. lol! XD I love the hippi/mod look too, its so stylish. ^^ and Omg! an underwater camera! gasp!!! that would be like so cool! Ive never seen one. :D dude, youd take the best pictures with one. ^^ and I dont know much about paris hilton, but i like her perfume line! ROFL! XD YAY! totoro!! X3 and Im sad to say, Ive never gotten to play much of FFX. ;^; sadness I know... :( Ive always wanted to. I think I might just go buy it off amazon and play it. lol! XD If its your favorite its got to be amazing! ^.^ X3

  2. Maaattiiieeee. :D
    A little birdie told me you had a blog, bahaha! xD
    I can't wait to follow you to now! Wow, that sounds weird...
    anyway. :3

    - Bubblegum pink hair + on you = freaking amazing. xD You could totally rock it. And it reminds me of when I had my little blue or purple streak, but, I never feel wild enough to even do that again ;o; So, be wild for me! xD

    - UNDERWATER CAMERA. So many amazing photos can come from them, ones that are absolutely unachievable in real life *o* There's some great photographers I follow on deviantART that I should lead you to if you want me to.

    - FFX -- I freaking love that game! Blitz ball is so fun. xD I wish I would've gotten further in it though @_@ The story of Yuna and Cloud seems sooo amazing... and that photograph is so gorgeous. I would love to do cosplay photography like that *o*