Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tell me what you want to hear.

I feel really bad, I think my parents are mad at me and I don't really know why. I know they're pretty stressed and tight with money right now, I've been paying for my own gas and planned out a way to pay for my college this semester... but after avoiding a "talk" I have decided to drop a couple of classes.... so I dropped Art and Computer. I don't really need those in the first place and I read the syllabus for each class and they really demand a lot from me. I already know Microbiology is going to take up a ton of my time and I need to get at least a B or higher, so that's the route I took. I'm now just taking 6 credit hours, Microbiology and Medical terminology, and I'm kind of uneasy about it.

But I'm going to return those books and get that money back to my parents, maybe that will lessen the "mood." And with only 6 hours to pay for, I definitely can handle that. Though the downfall to being a part time college student, I can't be on my parents insurance. But I'm okay with that now that I found out all my female problems are "normal" and I don't really get sick that often. I can deal with it... I need to really focus on getting done with school and making something with myself. I hope I made the right choices....

Rhiannon said that I've "changed" and that I seem mad all the time. It kind of hurt my feelings. I haven't seen her in a while, our schedules are too crazy for us to hang out like we use to... and I know she misses us hanging together. I also hurt her feelings the other day too.... Uh, drama drama, I hate it so. But we are both at fault. I'm going to try to reach to her...

Now that I did drop those classes, I am kind of ready for school. I was kind of worried about the work load I was going to be tackling on, but now, I am a bit stress free... lighter in a way. And now my pocketbook won't be so tight too! Haha.

I've been looking up some creative ways to put some awesome gals's art work on and to sell at the conventions. I'm so excited! And I want to make stuff to sell to.... but I don't know. I need to test some of it. But I also can't wait to cosplay. I've lost two more pounds! I am on my way to being thin ha ha, and to be a legit Sailor Moon! XD

 Diao Chan was the first gal I wanted to cosplay, ever, even before I knew what cosplay was. I just wanted to dress like her... She's from Dynasty Warriors. 

 Piedmont - Cows.

 I'm going to cosplay Yuna one day. 

 Sailor Moon ^.^

 I miss my tea... :( Though I only have one week and two days left.


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