Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Then he takes me in his arms and I wake up."

That's from Sleeping Beauty, which is my most favorite Disney princess movie, ever. Hence the Aurora and that's her name... haha. My neopet's name was Briar Rose too! Man, I think that officially makes me a goober. Well anyway today Cheryl, Caelynn and I went to F.Y.E. for their "Anime-paloooza" and got a pretty good haul. Caelynn as Pikachu got 2nd in the Cosplay contest (which she is so proud of and is telling everyone) and she choose pocky and marble soda as a prize and Cheryl as Tohru got 3rd and got $10.00 card! My art got 2nd and I got yaoi... and Cheryl got 3rd and got scary manga. But Cheryl's art was the best and she should have got first, most deffffff! But it was really fun! That's when me and Cheryl decided that we need to start raiding these little anime parties. Get some good cosplay and go for it! The chick who got first in the cosplay contest got $20.00 card! DUDE! We could get some serious stuff!

So the secret is out, dun dun dun. But it's okay because I would have needed help anyways! XD Cheryl is going as Ty Lee and I'm going as Azula! And we are going to make the coolest Avatar group with the help of our lovely Katara and "HEY ZUKO, THAT'S MY DAD!" Rofl, I am so excited about this. And it's given me more incentive to loose more weight! Plus our Sailor Moon group! DUDE, we're gonna be groups! Squee! That's exciting, for sure. Gosh, I love you guys.

You don't realize how much you mean to me... I mean not only because you rock. The old gang I hung out with thought that "cosplaying" was a big waste of time / money, and was stupid. I was basically a clone, I followed "rules", and wasn't an individual. But you guys really appreciate me for me and support me in everything I do! I call it my "dark times" because it really was from about 08' to about somewhere in the middle of '10, because I didn't really have any friends.. I had lost my friends because we graduated high school and went on to different colleges. I know that happens to a lot of people, but I tired to keep in touch with these friends... I wrote them all the time and sent them things, I would even call / text them, but the feelings weren't really mutual. They never put in the effort back. I really hated on myself and thought I did something wrong. And I prayed for some amazing Christian friends and that's when Cheryl started talking to me at the daycare! And I started hanging out with a new group! God has surrounded me with amazing people and I feel truly blessed. So if you ever feel down, just know that I love you more than you know! God is present and moving and answers prayers. He is crazy in love with us and we should never feel alone.


Sorry, I'm such a subject hopper. XD I hope you love these pictures! Haha, I was just going to post a couple of pictures but I can never eliminate it to just a few. They're all amazing and I want to share them with you guys! lol!

 So cute! I would huge this little guy! :3

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  1. Mattiiieieeieiei! ;o;

    WE ALL LOVE YOU!! And we'll always be here for you, to be shoulders to cry on or arms to be hugged by, or be those awesomely goofy friends that will in fact, YES, cosplay with you and be wild and crazy x3 I'm so glad you were sent to us too, Mattie! And I'm so glad we all started becoming better friends! <3 D'aww I'm getting all emotional.