Saturday, January 22, 2011

Little town, it's a quiet village.

We're watching Beauty and the Beast right now. XD

I have to finish putting all the Christmas stuff into the attic and get all of our regular decor out. YEAH! It's sad because it's like Christmas is most definitely over and won't be back till 11 months are up. Sadnessss, I really like the Christmas season, it's so cheery and everyone's friendlier and in better moods. OH, so tomorrow at FYE they're having an anime party thingy, which I'm pretty excited for because anime will be marked down. Only reason why I wanna go! lol Got my Microbiology reading done just so I'll be able to relax tomorrow too.

I only have two more days of my fast left too. Today and tomorrow. But I think I'll keep a lot of the same principals because it has really helped me keep off weight. I think it has opened my eyes too. That I don't need some things like sugar and that extra stuff that only satisfies the flesh. I can live without it.

Ah, cosplay on the brain. Again! I put more money into my jars, which gets me even more excited. So I found some pictures to nerd out over.

Okay so that's Bulma from DBZ, Sailor Jupiter, Suki, Yue, Azula (all from Avatar the Last Airbender), and Super Sailor Moon! All the Avatar cosplay is the same girl! I love her attention to detail on her outfits, they are simply amazing!

I bought cake mix to do today with the kids. And some awesome sprinkles. I've totally been in a baking mood! I got some cute little angle food cake pans; they are mini and super cute! I wish I could make really pretty cakes and bakery stuff like they do on tv and in high scale bakeries. Seeing the cosplay pictures (yes back to that) it makes me want to learn and master sewing. I don't even know how to start though.... -sigh- Hopefully one day though. One day.

Here are some pictures I found that I really liked, hope you love them too!


  1. That's so awesome about your fast! I really need to try to do that; I feel like once the mindset settles in about not needing certain foods to be healthy and happy, it's easier to make wiser choices when those decisions are offered. I'm so proud of you, Mattie! :D

    I'd totally do that FYE thing if I didn't have to work on my project. D: Discounted anime is really awesome, but at the same time, there's still so much anime I need to finish watching before I buy anymore. I'm hoping to get it all done by next convention so I can stock up on some more again. :3

    And cosplay, aaah! That one Avatar cosplayer is really amazing, I've seen a lot of her stuff on Which you need to start one once you get some cosplays going, it's really great for inspiration and keeping track of your progress :D And that Sailor Jupiter is really good too, aaah D: I hope I can make a good Sailor Jupiter lol >o<;;

    We should take sewing classes together!

    And I love all those pictures, yet again!! ;o;

  2. I miss Christmas too! ;_; and Yay!! FYE Anime party today! Im so stoked. X3 I think I might do tohru, simply because sailor mars is too cold, and Im not confident enough to wear Garnet, and Namine is def too cold. XD but my hair isnt brown. XD maybe they wont notice. XD 0.o and wahh your really getting me into cosplay. X3 and im not great, but I can help you with sewing if you want. ^.^ and I want to take lessons with you and meghan if you guys do take some X3 and omg! We need to have that bakeing party soon! ^-^ <3 I want to buy this special pan off amazon, its for these wierd little cooking things that they give you a recipie to make in Kitchen Princsess. X3 they are so cute! ^.^ and yay your fast is almost over! X3 You are so awesome Mattie! Im so proud of you!