Friday, January 28, 2011

Ureshiiii daaa!

I'm watching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon! :3 I love this live action! They are like the ultimate cosplayers. And it makes me want to be the best Sailor Moon possible! I have to work harder! Ganbatte! :3 <3

I'm so excited about this weekend, tomorrow! Poetry reading! Whooo! Although I have no poetry to read, but I will be baking some awesome things and I have a killer awesome outfit to wear! Oh yeah! Haha, I am so ready.

I feel kinda lazy because I haven't been working out. Blah, Tonya (our instructor) got into a car wreck on Tuesday and she went to the doctor yesterday. Those are our days to work out and I know it's not her fault... because the wreck wasn't her fault. But I still feel like a blob...

Siiiiigh, keep my family in your prayers. Some things have been going on and it's just super crazy. Kind of turned people upside down and stuff. Thanks guys, I love you all.

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