Friday, January 21, 2011

Turn it into something beautiful.

Yesterday during our little "ice" "snow" storm / bad weather day, I noticed a firetruck and the Piedmont rescue squad go over to the house next door to my job at the daycare. Me and my boss, P, watched as the people came in and out of the house, but we never knew what really happened. Today our oldest kid at the daycare told us that the oldest boy (8th grader or so) hung himself. We also had a parent call who's daughter went over there all the time tell us this also. It's crazy when you hear things like this. Especially since I was so close, in walking distance, of this place. I wish I could have done something, even though I know I couldn't have, I don't even know this family or this boy. I just have to keep the family in my prayers, most definitely.

This morning I watched "Tabatha's Salon Takeover" on Bravo and I mean all morning. Like hours of it, but it's so addicting and "America's Next Top Model" wasn't on.... like it normally is. Booo! I love my ANTM re-runs. Then I watched a couple of shows off of MTV, which was kinda lame. Like Teen Mom LAME! It's crazy how the glorify teen moms, just crazy. And how tons and tons of people watch it, like my sister. XD But seriously.

I need to do my Microbiology homework and catch up on the reading in both my classes. I hope this semester goes by really fast. As you know, because I say this in ever blog, but I'm ready for the summer. I'm ready for cosplay! XD -dies- Someone needs to shut me up, ha ha. I'm sorry. And I can't wait till May for my birthday! Yeah! I wanna do something awesome for my 21st birthday. BE CRAZY and have a party at a roller rink >.< haha, did you think I was going to say something else? I might go somewhere where I have to flash my ID but I don't plan on drinking. Not that I think drinking is bad, because you can drink here and there, I just think it's bad to drink to get drunk. Does that make sense? Because I figure, they drank wine in Jesus's days... and not to get drunk. Like casual drinking? XD But I don't really plan to drink ever, beer and alcohol doesn't seem what it's cracked up to be. I really don't want to wake up and not know what I had been doing, that doesn't seem like fun. And it always seems to cause problems. So, no drinking for moi.

I think I'm going to watch some Sailor Moon and do a bit of cardio. But I want you to know that I love you, even if I don't know who you are and you have just stumbled upon my blog. Not only do I love you, but so does God and attempting / committing  suicide isn't the answer. People care about you whether you think that's true or not, open up to someone and get some help. It isn't worth ending your life. I love you!

 I love Howl's Moving Castle! 

 Alison from ANTM, she's my favvv <3

 I want this cardigan. 

 Yum, I can eat things on Monday! XD


  1. THIS is cute! I especailly love the picture of the nail and the pearls. I think I may go paint mine now :]

  2. That is really sad about that kid... I can't understand that thought process of wanting to commit suicide and just end your life, but, I guess some people that don't have God and Jesus in their lives go through that thought process a lot... we need to keep them all in our prayers. I remember helping people that were struggling with friends going through suicidal thoughts, as well as knew some people who were thinking suicidal thoughts too. It's a terrifying reality, but, a lot of people go through it. All the more reason to witness though.

    But yeah....

    21st birthday! I think on mine, I DO want to go out with the girls or something all dolled up and get a nice drink somewhere, just to say I have, and then probably never do that again. xD I don't want to get drunk, but it'd be fun to go to a classy/chic bar or something, not where a bunch of drunkard lurk :3 But it'd also be fun to have a goofy party at a roller rink though right afterwards, bahaha xD