Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All eyes on me.

Two things I've been thinking of: loosing weight and cosplaying.

Which isn't good because I've been daydreaming in class. So I need to work school and God more into my train of thought, have those two be more dominant.  Whoa, so today in Microbiology we got our petri dishes back, with the bacteria, and it was pretty nasty. Only because it smelled horrible! I couldn't use mine because it had a fungus growing in it and if I would have opened it it would have sent spores out. And do you wanna know how I collected that bacteria? By touching our lab benches and putting it onto the petri dish! How nasty? We touch those things everyday! So I've been germ-xing my hands. Ew.

But we stained our bacteria and fixed it to a slide and then looked at it under a microscope. It was really neat! Then we had to describe it with the right terminology. It was really fun! I love this part of science. Other than that, nothing else has happened today. I am about to go to work... then workout! XD Yesterday I went to the gym with Rini and her friend Ashely and totally burned some calories there! So I'm thinking if I go to the gym with them two days a week, I workout with Tonya two days a week, I try to learn handstands two days a week, that gives me one day where I can work out on my own. It's so exciting because I already feel lighter. I really want to loose 30 more pounds and it's 6 months till the convention! I can totally do that! I am so stoked, you just don't even know it.

 I promise I'm not sadistic, this is depicting Ophelia from Hamlet. 


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