Thursday, January 20, 2011

Maybe I will love you!

At home, snug as a bug, and watching My Neighbor Totoro with the kiddos. I love this movie, it's super cute and sweet! >.< I want a Totoro plushie! Haha, let's have a Miyazaki marathon! MOST DEFFFF! Whoa, didn't know if you knew this but Miyazaki wrote the lyrics to some of the songs used in Totoro! That's awesome, he's super talented and mind blowing! I think we're going to watch Ponyo or Beauty and the Beast next.

Today was kind of a lazy day, even at work. No school! All I did was watch movies with the six kids that showed up at the daycare. We watched The Cat Returns, The Last Airbender, Despicable Me, and Avatar The Last Airbender Book 2. XD Good times, I had loads of fun with those kiddos. We also baked cookies, made snowflakes, and danced around.

I only have three more days of my fast! It's been something... but I'm glad that I did partake in it! Yes! Well here are some pictures that I really liked today. Sorry this isn't really an interesting blog.. XD


  1. Aah my gawsh, where do you find all your pictures?! They're so pretty! o__o

  2. Amazing places, ha ha, just kidding. Some from google photos, some from Photobucket, or ^.^