Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Listen to my story. This may be our last chance."

So I had the urge to play Final Fantasy X and when I go to open the case, dun dun dun, the cd is missing! Of course it is..... so I went to Game Stop and bought another copy! Haha. It wasn't that much either. So I played that all yesterday.

Thanks guys, I know I shouldn't worry about my hair, I mean I'm the one wearing it! But just after awhile it kinda wears on me. Sigh, I guess some people are just super jealous though! XD

I don't have school today! YEAH! I found that out after driving all the way there.... So I don't start school until the 18th, thank goodnesss. I can now play video games and watch more anime. Be a total veggie.

The Bridal Show at Northpark Mall is this weekend! And I really wanna go! But I don't have anyone to go with and I don't want to be a loser that goes by herself. Last year Me and Rhiannon went and it was so much fun! You get to taste fancy wedding cakes, fancy foods, you can get samples of all kinds like makeup and other odds and ends. And as girlie as this is, I love looking at the wedding dresses! Ahhh! lol

For Mother's Day I want to either give my Mom a Home Depot giftcard with tons of money on it or some other place where we can buy flowers because she really wants to landscape the yard this spring/summer. But you have to plant flowers in the Spring right? Well I guess it depends on the kind.... but that's what I want to do. If I could save up enough and maybe have Dad pitch in, get her a pond type thing. ^.^

Well, I need to run and save the world. But of course I have to post some pictures! I love pictures! Peace out! Have a fantastic day! :3

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