Sunday, April 10, 2011


- I vow to not use blow dryers/hair straighter/curling irons for the rest of this year. (Maybe longer)
- I vow to not dye my hair.
- I vow to put it through therapy everyday.
- I vow to not eat candy.
- I vow to cut back on the diet sodas and drink more water.
- I vow to keep my face/back clear of blemishes.  
- I vow to eat more fruits instead of snacky items.
- I vow to run more instead of being a couch potato.

Why should I be able to complain if I'm not actively do anything. I need to step up my game and I want to see some definite results by my birthday. You know I use to be the one who was known for her long hair and then I was sucked into the world of dying it and getting it layered. I had hair to my bellybutton, all one length, and my natural hair color in 9th grade. I will not longer fall to peer pressure.


Plus I could just step outside and my hair would dry, amiright? I'm determined to get long/pretty/healthy hair back. Huzzzzzzzzzzzzah.

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