Monday, April 11, 2011


So you know how I got my Sailor Moon cosplay accessories back in March? Well she sent me more and I'm guessing it's by mistake. Which I'm totally sending it back, no questions about it. I also wrote her a letter stating that I already received my order. Which made me think, I am a rare individual. There aren't a lot of people who would do that, who would send it back. I mean it's $40.00 or so worth of stuff. I couldn't do it though, I'd feel like such a monster, it would eat me alive. I'm going to the post office to mail it off tomorrow!

Sailor Moon - Blue contacts
                         Fix different things on fuku (bow and sleeves)

Videl - Yellow hair ties
             Blue contacts

Azula - Everything!
Lol, but I'm thinking as long as I have everything else done I can get Azula over with. Which I bought extensions the other day so I can play around with the bangs. I have a black wig coming in so I could do crazy Azula... betcha the other Azula won't do that. I'LL BE CRAZIER! MWHAHAHA! XD And I was wondering.. should I get hazel/brownish contacts for her? My eyes are super green and she has hazel... and I already have to order blue ones... just wondering! I'm on a never ending hunt for boots lol.

Three more weeks of actual school and one week of finals. Finals week I only have to go in Wednesday and Thursday. Sweet! It's exciting and sad. I met a lot of awesome people in school this semester. Booo I made a 66.7 on my Micro test but I still have a 74 total average in the class. It sucks because I study and study and I feel like I know the material but then I get the score back and I don't. I need to do something different for this next test and the final. I have to make at least a high C or a B on those for sure. And make sure I ace the lab project.

I don't know about you guys but at school and especially in the Nursing Program people always tell you "C = RN", which "RN" means Registered Nurse, like that's how hard it is, they're saying it's okay to get a C, which I guess it might be.. but it'd be better if you made higher. And it might be sad that all our standards is a C. Maybe it is? I don't know. But the average student getting into Nursing School makes C's and the grades are lower? I guess it makes me feel stupid, that I'm making C's... I mean in high school I made A's and B's, you know? Uhhh. But I'm thinking as long as I pass, I'm good. I'm a horrible test taker.

I need to study harder. There's no way I'm repeating anything! I hate repeating classes.. I will not fail! I WILL NOT FAIL! Victory!

As Zook always said, "Push to the end."
Good luck, I love you guys! >.<

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  1. Mattie you are amzing! X3 have u tried the goodwill in Edmond or TJ max? They might have boots. :D the goodwill in Edmond had a lot of boots if i remember. :D and omg! Im so excited! your going to be the best azula ever! and I think your eys are fine for azula. : ) and yay for blue contacts! Im gonna order some too XD And you can do it mattie on your tests!! You got this!! I'll be praying for you! We are almost done with school! X3 Love ya girl!!