Friday, April 15, 2011


Last night I just could not sleep. Between being unbearably hot and the lack of breathing, I kept on tossing and turning. That and the TV was really loud. I did finally fall asleep but I don't feel all that rested.

Friday! Yeah Friday. The day that starts my weekend. I've got to do some homework, take Ariana to a birthday party tomorrow, and hopefully go to hang out with Meghan, Cheryl, and Ethan.. speaking of those people, I had a really funny dream the other night:

Me (Azula) and Cheryl (Ty Lee) were riding one of my horses, my white one named Tommy, around some open field but on a trail and we came upon Ethan (Zuko) and he was super mad. He was just yelling at us about something important/serious. We just kind of looked at each other and was like "Mann, what's his problem?"

ROFL, I need to lay off the cactus juice. 8 more weeks till Akon! 4 more weeks till school's it out! 6 more weeks till my birthday! One week and two days till Easter! Whoo! lol

Everyone have a wonderful Friday! >.<

So cute! Best Link cosplay, ever!

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  1. Aaah, Mattie, you have the best dreams. XD that's so awesome!
    and I love how when you dream, you always dream of us in character, bahaha. XDD

    8 more weeks 'til AKON?! Baaah!! O.O I'm so excited but there's sitll so much to do! Like, buy my pass... bahahaha. XD Get a job so I can have MONEY, and work on cosplayss... But, it's all exciting work so I'm not complainin'. :)