Monday, April 4, 2011

Alarm clocks screaming monsters calling my name.

"We all sensed Azula's impending melt down. We all knew it was a matter of time after the betrayal of Mai & Ty Lee in Boiling Rock part 2. It was just a matter of when. The animators and Grey DeLisle did not fail us in making Azula's melt down a truly tragic and thought provoking event to witness.

I believe that there were two personalities in Azula. There was the normal teenager, who was somewhat domineering. This side was evidenced in the way she embraced her friends in Return to Omashu and her fretting over boys in The Beach. And then there was the dark and maliciously twisted side, which is evidenced all over the series.
When Azula lost Mai & Ty Lee, the normal side of her disappeared. This gave the twisted side room to completely take over. Now, excessively paranoid, Azula can trust no one, not even herself, as seen in her inability to manage and subsequent removal of her hair.

Seeds were planted in Azula's youth that led to this: 1. Ozai wasn't much of a father, he only used her to get ahead because she was a prodigy. Zuko complained about not receiving Ozai's love, but Azula didn't either. All she had was his favor. 2. Ursa's obvious doting on Zuko. This is typical of mothers who feel the need to protect the more sensitive child. Zuko was scorned by Ozai and so Ursa tried to compensate. But for the young Azula, it meant that mother loved Zuko more. 3. Then when Mai said "I love Zuko more than I fear you" the critical words were I love Zuko more. So yet another person chose Zuko over Azula. 4. The last person we expected to betray Azula was Ty Lee, but her friendship with Mai was apparently more important. The betrayal of Ty Lee told Azula that Ty Lee loved Mai more than Azula.

And we saw the results of this. In the mirror, Ursa told Azula "I love you, you're my daughter", but to Azula this must have seemed almost to mock her, especially since the whole scene was imaginary."

I was comparing our faces... haha, whatcha think?

Trying to be my very best Azula! 


  1. Uhhhhh, I'm obsessed. Someone stop me! XD

  2. Mattie!! XD its totally ok to be obsessed!! LOL! XD Man I love all those pics, and you are gonna be an AMAZING Azula!! *_* WAHHH! Im so excited!! and did you write that top part??? that was so awesome! and so true!! Poor Azula! I want to know what happenes to her! D:

  3. No I found it on Youtube, it was someone's video description and I was like: "Whoa that's totally true!" I know but she's probably rotting/rotted in jail haha XP or maybe Aang took her bending away later lol

  4. Aaahaha, you WILL be the best Azula ever, Mattie. ;)

    But it's totally cool, when I started cosplaying Katara, I equally got obsessed. xD And now, I'm getting re-obsessed, haha, I want to make one of these blogs now too. It's like character research or something! :D

  5. Thank you!

    Haha, right? Let's all be obsessed!