Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Come with me where you'll never, never have to worry about grown up things again."

I got an old Peter Pan framed poster from the Surrey Hills garage sale! And some cool Aladdin-ish slippers! And an old Snow White framed poster. lol, Good spoils.

I'm stressed. I need to take a deep breath. This coming week is going to be nothing but tests and playing catch up. Three tests: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. A project due Tuesday. Caelynn's birthday is next Saturday then it's Mother's Day. THEN it's finals week. School, hurry up and pass by.

That and I guess I'm just kinda stressed about AKON. Not actually about going, but just learning my music, the schedule, hotel, what not. I'm afraid that I won't be good at playing it.. but I can't really practice it till after school is over and then I have cosplay I really really really really need to work on and I'm just like, geeez I have no idea where to start. I'm thinking I'm going to take a trip to the fabric store May 14ish? Cheryl wanna go to get your Ty Lee stuff? Of course we'll need you Meghan. We're all coloring coordinating our Fire Nation outfits, right?

I think after school is over I won't be so moody/bossy/annoying/complainant.

And I also got sunburned today while walking around Surrey Hills, no bueno.

Well I'ma get back to learning about diseases.


  1. Omg. That Zuko pic made me die laughing.

    That is all. :)

    and yeah, we can coordinate fire nation shtuff. Probably the best plan anyway. :3

  2. Hahaha!! the zuko pic made me bust out laughing too. lol!!! and dude toaly mattie we can go get fabric together, I need to get on taht. lol XD and i love garage sale shopping, ahhhh you can find such good stuff. X3 I got a pokemom yellow vrs. once. X3 and we are almost done with schoooll!!! AHHHHH!! YAY! maybe after its all over with we can all sort out better our plan for Akon. :D love you mattie! hang in there with your tests, your going to do great! GREAT! ^^