Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bang bang :3

Someone is listening to Vampire Knight right now and when I heard it I spun around in my chair and looked around the room for whoever was listening to it. Haha! I'ma dork. BUT I'm so excited! The manga has almost caught up to where I left off reading it. Thank you Vampire Knight. It's my baby, it's the first manga I ever read and read it as it came out monthly. I'd love to cosplay someone from there.. I just don't know who yet. But I have the deepest love for Kaname. >.< We need to have a Vampire Knight anime party, I'm really tempted to go get Guilty right now! lol

Besides how miserable I was yesterday I ate really good. Fruits and veggies and lots and lots of water. I had 7 glasses, I know 8 is the recommended but I just couldn't drink anymore, but man, water fills you guy. Haha! And this morning I had cheerios and I cut up a banana and put it in there. OHHHMAIGAWSH, yum.

So... -drum rolll- I got my Sailor Moon wig in the mail. I more excited today than I was yesterday, I just wanted to die yesterday... but I'm going to need help tucking in all my BLACK hair so that it won't contrast with the BLOND hair. That would be bad... and with all your guys's talk about rave outfits, I was thinking about a Sailor Mooon rave outfit. How fun!? lol

I have class in 30 mintues and I don't really wanna go. I mean, I will go, duh, but I don't want to. I'm ready for school to be over. I'm ready to be free! I wish I didn't have to work all that much but I do like seeing my paycheck everyweek, soo I guess all's fair in love and war. XP

P.S. I had a dream I was a mermaid. It was pretty intense. This guy fell in this lake and I jumped in to save him, and of course as soon as I hit the water I had a mermaid tail and long long pink hair! Yay pink! And of course this guy was very handsome. What a nice dream. lol

Well, ladies, you stay lovely! Work hard! 8ish/7ish more weeks! ^.^


  1. Dude Mattie! You'd make an excellent and hardcore Yuki! :3
    I could also see you as a gorgeous Ruka *o*

    But if you love Vampire Knight as much as you do then you most definitely should cosplay from it :) I don't want you to feel like you can't/don't want to cosplay Yuki or something just cause I said I was going to cosplay her too or whatever. Don't hold back from doing a character you've loved for a long time or anything!

  2. Oh no! I don't feel like that, lol.

    I also like Maria Kurenai. O.O

    And then there's a spoiler character I'd like to do. lol

  3. Oooh yeah :D And yeah don't tell me any spoiler charries! D: Gaaah I just need to get my butt into gear and finish that series @_@