Saturday, March 10, 2012

One hundred and fifth post.


-Warning, prepared to be slapped in the face with FFX/FFX-2/Yuna overload*

Cheryl, what are you doing over Spring Break. Because, I purpose, we play FFX. :3 Then onto FFX-2. That is if you're not busy.

Just ordered some accessories for Yuna! :D I know, you're thinking, "Why don't you wanna make them?" Well, I can only see me trying to make them and it not working out and me spending tons of money on it and wasting most of it. My cosplay crafting isn't that good... so I went ahead and did it. I'd love to make them, no doubt, but alas... yeah.

Plus, I think I have my work cut out for me with the obi itself. O.O It took this one girl like 6 months to complete the whole thing... *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*

ALRIGHT, so I have deemed Fridays my weigh in days! :D Last Friday March 2nd I weighed in at 182 lbs, yesterday I weighed in at 179 lbs. Whoo, three pounds! I wish it was more, but they say 3-4 lbs a week is healthy. I would really love to loose more weight before I start on Yuna... like hardcore start on Yuna. Because I don't want to make most of everything to what I am now and then possibly loose 10 more pounds.. then nothing would fit. So this means two things:

1. Start working out hardcore, now.
2. June and July I will have no life except for working on Yuna. Though I have found a full tutorial on "How to make a Yuna" cosplay, that will definitely help. And it looks amazing... (she's the girl who took 6 months to make)

Goals for Spring Break:
1. Find boots for Yuna
2. Make sleeves for Yuna
3. Paint hibiscus flower for obi 
4. Make/find black bra understrap thing.
5. Possibly make Nurse Joy?

I just had a huge cup of coffee and it has totally make me super excited and jittery! :D :D :D :D
I have been on such a Yuna/FF Gal craze.

On a more serious note, God is so amazing. He knows where we've been, where we are, and where we're going. I read this book called "Back on Track" it's a weightloss book but also it evolves putting Christ #1 in your life. Things that have really been getting me through is knowing He knows everything. Bad things to happen to us and people blame God but honestly He's hates every moment of our pain. At that point in the book I cried, I bawled. Anyway, I need to walk more in love and strengthen my relationship with God. I truly believe that we need to share the peace and love of God at A-Kon and it terrifies me. But we need to, it's our mission, we need to trust in Him. He will provide and protect us.

"I heard a story about a mountain climber who wanted to climb the highest mountain. He began his adventure after many years of preparation; but since he wanted the glory just for himself, he decided to climb the mountain alone. He start to climb, and it began to get very late; but instead of preparing his tent to camp, he kept climbing until it got very dark.

The night felt heavy in the heights of the mountain, and the man could not see anything. All was black- with zero visibility because the clouds covered the moon and the stars. As he was climbing, only a few feet away from the top of the mountain, he slipped and fell over the edge of the mountain, falling at a great speed. The climber could only see black spots as he went down and felt the terrible sensation of being sucked by gravity. He kept falling, and in those moments of great fear, his life flashed before him.

He was thinking now of how close death was getting, when all of a sudden he felt the rope that was tired to his waist pull him very hard. His body was hanging in the the air- only the rope was holding him- and in that moment of stillness, he had no other choice but to scream, "Help me, God!"

All of a sudden, a deep voice coming from the sky answered, "What do you want me to do?" The man cried out, "Save me, God!" God answered, "Do you really think I can save you?" "Of course I believe You can," the man shouted. God said, "Then cut the rope." There was a moment of silence. The man decided to hang on to the rope with all his strength.

The rescue team tells that the next day a climber was found dead and frozen- his body hanging from a rope. His hands were holding tight to a the rope- only 10 feet above the ground."



  1. wow.... that story was really intense and sad. :( but it had a really strong message. There's so many times I have been holding on too tightly to the rope in my life too. :(

    and wahhh! yay! I can't wait till we can hang out and play FFX and work on cosplay! woot! spring break almost here! :DDD and thats really awesome about the book you read. ^^ I'm really proud of you Mattie, you are working so hard!

  2. Hehe, and I love all the FF pics! ^.^ <3333