Saturday, March 17, 2012


Sleep in till 10, check.
Watch Harry Potter marathon, check.
Wait for mailman, check.
Be lazy, check.

I'm feeling much better today. Last night I just felt like I was going to get super sick, I rushed home and took Tylenol and buried myself in my bed.

Caelynn and I went to the dollar store and bought an Easter egg dying kit, peeps, and some malt ball egg things.

Guess what came in the mail today O.O


As soon as I got it I had to put it on. I love it! It's so awesome... it makes me super pumped for cosplay. And makes me wanna work out harder.

I think I might go outside and work on our front flower beds, I really wanna get some bulbs to plant. I want a lush garden this year!

Happy Spring Break, y'all. 

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