Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Is that really you?"

Today was meh.

Just things at work.. dealing with people and the fact that I got bit today. Yeah, a little boy bit me on the arm and kicked me in the legs as I was carrying him away. I have bruises, it has made me not want kids what-so-ever. And you know what, his parents don't even care.

No it's like, we volunteer our weekends to have our Parent's Night Out's to earn money to buy equipment for our play yard and to get stuff for our kids, and we get griped out because we opened up a new bank account to put it in. I mean, last year we got $600 extra dollars because of some circumstance, so they were going to split it up between the to centers, $300 to the little daycare and $300 to ours. They put it all in the main bank account.. and we've never seen it. It's been a year now. THEN when the tornado came through last May and destroyed our playground (taking our fort, onning, balls, skates, ruining our fence) the insurance guy came out and took a look and what not... but you know what WE HAVEN'T SEEN ANYTHING FROM THAT. And I know she made a pretty penny off of it. They were able to claim a lot. But then they have the notion to complain that we don't put our hard earned money into their account?! We've earned almost $1000 and we're going to have to give it to her... it just makes me so mad. Our kids really don't have anything on that stupid play yard, they are so bored. It's so frustrating.

Planning events and field trips for the summer is frustrating and hard. I feel like just when I get settled into something new, I get another task dumped on me. And there just doesn't seem like there's enough hours in the freaking day. Thank goodness Spring Break is next week, I got to take some time off, which I'm super stoked about :3 next week I'm also going to go get my ear pierced. I wanted to do something hard core.. plus it's also for cosplay :3

I'm getting better. Some days it's just harder than others, but I've come a long way and I know that. Sometimes I'd just like to stay in my bed though.

They're making FFX - HD for the PS3 and it's suppose to come out this year, I'm so excited :D

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  1. GEEEEEZZZEEE That is REDICULOUS! ugh...! no wonder you are all upset! You should be able to have your own account for money that you and Pi have earned! ugh!!! Im sorry mattie... and Im sorry they keep throwing crap on you. :( I know you dont want to quite or anything... but I'm worried about you... They keep putting way to much pressure on you... I seriously dont know how you deal with it all. and gahh! I totally understand about there not being enough hours in the day. @_@ I can't wait till spring break too and that we can hang out! Can I take you and meghan out for frozen yogurt??? <333 Love you!! I hope today is better for you. and that your kids are good. Im sorry one bit you... arrrghhh... thats just terrible. :( I'm praying for you Mattie, let me know if there is anything I can do to help.