Monday, March 5, 2012

Mad Abs March >:D

One last post before I dive into this week and just so you know that I haven't gone too crazy. Sorry for the emo/crazy posts, sometimes I push all my sadness to the back and it just builds up until I just have to let it out.

Finished 1/2 test, got an 88! But they haven't graded the short answer yet, so it's probably a 90 or better! :D Gonna do the next tests later tonight, I'm procrastinating on that one XP

Today's Intake:
~Brkfast: 1/2 cup Bran 200 calories, 1 cup of Silk Milk 70 calories, and a banana (not counting fruits) and two bottles of water, crystal light water mix 5 calories
~Lunch: Broccoli & cheese 40 calories, apple sauce 50 calories, a bottle of water
~Snack: apple and cuties <3
~(planned)Dinner: Boca burger 70 calories, blueberry apple sauce 50 calories, mild cheddar cheese 90 calories

Total: 575 calories

I'm actually not hungry, just got done with lunch. I've been preoccupied with school work, which doesn't make me want to eat... it's so stressful. That and I'm fixing to do something amazing... what we've all been waiting for :D :D :D !!

So I've been looking at cosplay accessories for Yuna, her earrings and the beads the dangle from her obi. Then trying to decide if I want to get a wig or not.... and I'm leaning towards not.. I mean, real hair is going to be much easier to style and dance in versus a wig. And I do plan on getting my hair dyed before TnT.

I need to do my sit ups, planking, etc. WHICH I WILL. I also figured if I post everything I eat, it'll keep me more motivated to eat right. Sigh.

Thank you Cheryl, for everything. You mean so much to me, seriously.

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