Monday, February 28, 2011

I walked with you once upon a dream.

I guess I've been kind stressed and down in the dumps and I haven't really figured out why..... until now, mwhahahaha. I have a big test in a couple of weeks. Siiiigh. Don't you hate it when you're upset and don't really know why.. like the problem is in the back of your mind and the next day your brain is like, Hey this is why you're upset stupid. Well that's what happened to me. You want to know how I need to fix it? Study my freaking butt off. Which I really am dreading... lol But I know it needs to be done, because I really really really want an A in this class. Evillll mircobiology, I will rule you!

I also think why I've been a bit down in the dumps is because I've gained some weight back. Ever since I got off that fast, it has been pretty bad, like keeping weight off. Plus eating all the sugar and stuff makes me pretty blah and less energetic. SO, I'm going back on it. Yes, it might be pretty strict, but that's what I need. Something strict to keep me on the path. I mean not only to I want to look good for cosplay, but I want to be happy with myself!

And I got to thinking... Disney World is the ultimate place for cosplayers. They get paid to dress up like characters! Ahhh, what an amazing job that would be. I love Disney World, I went a long time ago.. I think it was 2000 or so.. I can't really remember. But I want to go again! I actually think it would be awesome to get married there, haha, because it's magical there. And you can totally stay the night in Cinderella's castle now! They turned it into a hotel! GASP! I so wanna go there! ROFL I'm a girlie girl, what can I say? I would love to get paid to walk around dressed up like a princess and make kids dreams come true! How fun would that be? Seriously mannn.

 "I was beginning to think that wishin' on stars was for babies and CRAZY people."

 Isn't this a good Tinker Bell? I think she's adorable.

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