Saturday, February 5, 2011

Keep holding on.

Emo, that's how I've been all day and trying to please everyone. Trying to "liven" the mood but I think I'm getting on people's nerves instead.

To get you caught up, and since only two people read this I don't think it really matters, ha ha... Brant "moved out" the other day. Different events have really lead up to this first he's been failing his Senior year, second he has been lying to my parents about different things example my mom gave him a check to pay for his senior crap he said he paid it, months later the school says we owe money and we find the check in his room. He sneaks around everyone to talk on the phone even though he's grounded. And over these past couple of days where we've been out of school he goes on "walks in the woods" when actually he has had his girlfriend's parents pick him up at the end of our street, which is out of the sight of our house. He's been saying that he is going to move out when he turns 18 (which is monday) but my mom said "Since you already have your mind made up, why are you drawing it out?" Now, does that really sound like she's kicking him out? Yeah, I don't think so. But he had her parents come get him yesterday... and you know what he told them? That his parents kicked him out and he had such a horrible life living here. My parents made him watch the kids all the time. All of that really wants to make me cuss, like freaking seriously? That princess doesn't help at all with the kids. UGH. So they, Brant's gf's parents, finally get around to calling my parents and ask "Brant said that you guys kicked him out and we took him in because we thought it would be better than him being out on the streets." What part of that do you think pissed off my parents, yeah all of it. So my mom, after hours, got a hold of the dad and talked to him. She said "Don't you think it's a bit odd that you guys have been picking him up at the end of our street?" Why wouldn't they have called sooner? I think they're pretty stupid or something. She also said, "He's been so eager to move out because we're being hard on him for his poor grades. He's basically ruining his high school career and life. And I don't know about you, but I don't want any grandchildren running around." The dad agreed with her. So Sasha's parents (that's his gf's name) found out that Brant is a big pathological lier and hasn't been telling them the truth. So he's still over there now and I bet it's pretty weird. I feel out of place if someone saw right through my plans. But we're about to go get him and it's going to be hell when he gets back here. That is between him and my parents. I don't want any part of it.

Other than that I've been doing poorly on my diet. These four days have killed me. I've sat and watched tv and snacked. Tomorrow is the start of a new week, so it's a new beginning. I really want to look great for the summer and my cosplay. I'm super stoked. But I feel very bloated and yuck right now... so I'm not that stoked. Hopefully I'll return to my normal self tomorrow because I'm not that cheery today. Blah.


  1. Wow Mattie, I never knew this was going on... I'm really sorry about that though. I understand that feeling of being affected by the decisions of another family member; my brother too, actually. It's equally as painful as them going through it themselves, since the family is always the first ones to be hurt because of it. You see the build up, you see the climax, you feel the tension and gloominess at home afterward. It's not a fun thing, it's painful and exhausting, and I completely understand... *hugs*

    Your family is very strong though, and I have faith that God's going to use all of this for the better in the end. Just keep praying when you feel impatient or angry, keep praying when you feel sad or hurt. Pray over Brant more than anything, as well as for your family and the girlfriend's family.

    You always have us to lean on though and go to if family's just too much sometimes, just so you know :) and we'll be praying for you anyway *hugs* We love you Mattie! And don't be hard on yourself about your diet -- sometimes it takes lazy moments like that to really boost up our drive and start again with afresh and more determined outlook. You can do it! And if anything, it's your determination and willpower that has even inspired me enough to do this myself. :)

    Never be afraid to talk to us about stuff, and we'll be praying.

  2. Aw, thanks girl. You are so awesome, you're going to make me cry. It is frustrating because I'm helpless most of the time and I don't know what everyone else is thinking. Reading minds would come in handy! Or the power to make everyone's decisions, XD