Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm walking on sunshine.

I am reduced to watch stupid reality tv on MTV. Ugh. Trashy. It's called "Is She Really Going Out With Him." And let me just say... ohmaigawsh, is she really going out with him? These guys are horrible people, seriously. I can't believe how many chances these girls give these losers. Wow.

It's freezing! I am so cold! Haha. And when I look outside at the snow it makes me colder. Though it does look like the sun has come out, yay! >.<

You know, they need an anime channel. Or an Asian channel where they would show Asian drama, music videos, commercials, news, anime, and what not. I would watch it all the time, I mean seriously!

"Is that a talking dog?" ROFL, that commercial just came on. Haha and I'm waiting for my Peach Girl dvd to come in! AHHHHHHHH, the suspense.

P.S. I had a dream I was with P and the daycare on a field trip, I think it was either at the Omniplex or the Zoo, well something happened like someone got hurt, none of our kids, and they called 911. We didn't have a lot of kids with us on the field trip so P took them somewhere else while I tried to help whoever got hurt and that's when the ambulance got there. And I met a very handsome EMT guy. ROFL. The person who was hurt ended up being fine, so I was talking to this cute guy and gave him my number. Haha, weird dream. It was funny though.

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