Sunday, February 20, 2011

Black Swan

To start out with, the whole story of Swan Lake is very depressing. You know, the ballet? So just add the drama of putting on a ballet with eating disorder ballerinas, and you have the movie. More or less. There were some scenes that were rather distasteful and awkward to sit through.. but you know it was a pretty good movie. It totally kept me guessing and I didn't expect the end. So... would I see it again, probably. Haha, this is the first rated R movie I've seen in theaters.

Of course the soundtrack was amazing. Swan Lake + Tchaikovsky = pure awesomenessss. But I really liked Clint Mansell's take on it and even when it was just music during some random scene it still had a Swan Lake echo in it. I just got done downloading the soundtrack, uhhh, it's so creepy but beautiful all at the same time.

Yes, you're probably asking, "Wasn't there some lesbian themes in it?" Well yes and no? I won't spoil anything if you want to see the movie, but there definitely were some girl and girl stuff going on which was what I totally didn't care for. That and they really dropped the "f" bomb a lot. But it was really suspense full and thriller like. It really showed you what professional ballerinas go through, which is really rough and crazy life style. Natalie Portman, who played Nina, worked out 8 hours a day and only ate carrots & almonds for her role. She starved herself to fit the ballerina mold and afterwards she said she hated it and didn't know how girls did it. Crazy!


  1. Man... haha! I want to see the movie, but Im still kind of scared too. lol XD mainly I just want to see the ballerina parts. lol XD

  2. Yeaaah, I hear the movie is quite, like, "O.O....." the whole time. Intense, rather gross at points (like the lesbian parts Dx). I want to see it too, I just wish they'd come out with a rated PG-13, or, the "censored" version, so we just get the pretty storyline/ballerina stuff without all the craziness. :D

  3. I guess you'd just have to see it. Because she is pretty much crazy... and I don't want to spoil anything, but the whole "lesbian" thing doesn't really happen... ha ha, that doesn't really make sense..