Friday, February 18, 2011


I've been watching a count down of the "blingest bashes" of My Super Sweet 16. Yeah I know what you're thinking, wow. But there seriously is nothing else on, duhh. Haha, it was this or Jersey Shore so I had slim pickins. It's crazy how much money they spend on a party.. like $300,000 or more. Insane. I don't know what I would do with all that money, most definitely not spend it on one night. Boo.

I want to see Black Swan but the more I've researched it... the more I don't. Like there are a ton of sexual themes in it and other crazy stuff. So I don't know... I might just wait till it comes on dvd and rent it or something. I mean, if you've seen the trailers you pretty much know what I mean.

Today at the daycare we're having our Valentine's Day party, yay! I made Avatar and lolita cards for all my kids! It was so much fun. And I'm loading them up with candy for the weekend! Haha.

Siiiigh, I'm just having a lazy Friday. I'm glad it's pretty nice out and not rainy like I thought it was suppose to be. I know it's suppose to rain soon, I just hope it doesn't freeze or turn into snow. I think I got some sun yesterday! lol

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  1. I wish we worked together... ;_; Buuuuh... :( thats so sweet you made all the kids valentine cards. ^^ What did they say? :D

    Love all the pics! Its a giant Rubber Ducky! Rofl! what an epic pic. haha! XD Oh! and we still need to paint tea cups! :D