Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hit them right between the eyes.

While I have this down time I've been doing:
- Handstands.
- Watching anime.
- Working out.
- Thinking about cosplay / conventions.
- Pretending to bend elements with the kiddos.
- Dancing to music videos in the living room.
- Cleaning my room.
- Forgetting about school.
- Wishing I could get out of the house for a second.

Does humanity still exist? Haha, just kidding. But it doesn't really look like it from outside. I stepped outside for probably 2 minutes, it was too cold. Though I do plan on going outside tomorrow! Playing in a foot of snow has to seriously burn some calories.

I had a dream about some old friends, it kinda made me sad this morning. It makes me wonder what they're up to. Hm, I guess I can only keep them in my prayers.

I've been doing some weights and push ups and squats and lunges, I want to be the best Sailor Moon / Azula / Videl EVER. It kinda stinks, because these gals are really hardcore. Like Azula and Videl are pretty intense martial artists and super strong. And Sailor Moon, psssh, what is there to say?! I have like four months. And it's days like these that I feel like I'm getting now where... I miss being able to go to the gym. I wish I had a treadmil. XD

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  1. You ARE going to be the best Azula / Sailor Moon / Videl ever! I'm so inspired by your passion with working out and getting ready for cosplay, it's really rubbing off on me and making me just as motivated! So thank you, Mattie!

    And I know right?! Snow days.. man. It's like, if they last long enough, you get a lot done, but then you're craving to go outside and run around and be crazy in the fresh air. I know I'm like that cramped in this dorm. Playing in the snow sounds super fun though, I think I'll do that tomorrow, as well as get pretty snow pictures :3