Thursday, October 25, 2012

You broke my smoulder...

This video is breathtaking. It makes me feel warm inside... to see the joy on everyone's face. It made me think, man we take the little things for granted. Such small things, like snow, that other people don't get to experience that we have all the time, we shrug it off. Or the fact that we have shelter, food, clothes, or woke up this morning. Some people will never know such things... I feel very at peace right now and very thankful. God has blessed me with a wonderful life and its time for me to give back to Him.

I'm watching Tangled, again, because I love this movie. It's super cute and romantic and gushy and all that stuff. I really want to cosplay as Rapunzel >3

Today I'm going to go out and try to find a, cheap, costume. It's hard trying to find one at the costume stores... most of the adult female costumes are very ostentatious :/// I just want something modest.

I wore my Captain America shirt yesterday and someone complimented me on it :3 then Michelle said some guy was checking me out. *confidence booost* I just need to get up, get ready everyday, and feel beautiful. Because when you feel beautiful it radiates from the inside outside... so everyone else sees your beauty.

Today I'm hoping back onto my workout regime >3 and eating healthy again. After being horribly sick the other day... I know I need to be healthier. I even see pictures around my room and see me healthier, and I want it back. I have really let myself go and I feel like a blob. It's not going to be easy. It's going to be hard work, pain, and tears. But there's someone I've been leaving out of the equation.. God. I need to start looking to Him for all my problems. If I feel like binging on candy or crap I need to look to God for strength. I need to get into habit of immersing myself in His word. I need to glorify Him with my choices. :333333

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

I wrote that earlier and didn't post it, but now I'm back :333333333333333
I ended up getting a Snow White costume, it was the most modest one. I wanted to be TinkerBell (which was pretty modest as well) but they only had XS-S :// curse my awesome curves lol. But I'm excited!

I had a crazy afternoon. The dogs ran out of the house and I had to chase them into the forest.. they ran from me the whole way. THANKFULLY some little boys helped me out. I was hoping a tall dark and handsome guy would come to my rescue... perhaps it wasn't the right time lol. Funny thing was, I had tried on my Snow White costume to show Michelle... and I had just taken it off. Now wouldn't that have been hilarious... seeing Snow White running through the woods.

There's suppose to be a hurricane and a nor'easter colliding next week (both are different storm systems) and it might cause snow... I'M SO STOKED! WINTER WEATHER FINALLY D:

Guys, I never want to grow up. I want to stay childlike, innocent, wonderful forever!

OH and I want someone to play the Clair de Lune on the harp at my wedding... and I want my wedding at Disney World! Haha, guys get ready for a picture explosion.. I couldn't pick only a few. I feel so inspired by all of them... they all give me wonderful, magical, innocent, feelings.. like I could fly! :333333

Survey time.

1. How was your day today? Anything special happen?
My day was fantastic: I got a costume, shoes, and I actually feel pretty today.

2. Did you help anyone out today?
I chased after the dogs for Michelle, does that count? 

3. Are you thinking or pondering anything?
How ridiculous I probably looked running after the dogs in the forest trails.

4. What's your standing on abortion?
You know, I value life. I know it's against my religion... but say if I was raped or my young daughter was raped, I don't know if I could keep the child, you know?

5. Do you think politics is the art of lies or democracy and opinions?
Politics and Democracy are two different things. Politics are the people and Democracy is a form of government.. and did you know the US isn't one? We're actually a Democratic Republic.

6. Are you into anything, like music or art?
Ummm, YES. Like both and all! I love music, art, cooking, dancing, drawing, etc.

7. Explain to me your clothing style, how do you like to dress?
I don't know if I fit into a category persay.. I like to wear jeans, shirts, and tanks. When I dress fancy I guess it'd be more vintage-ish.

8. Do you have a Myspace or Facebook?
I have a Facebook, active. I have a Myspace, haven't been on there for years.

9. Do you take special pictures for them?
Sometimes >3

10. Have you been to church this week?
Yep! At my home church.

11. Do you devote your time to any clubs or activities?
Not really XPP

12. Do you take free samples at the grocery store?
Depends on what it is lol

13. How often do you go grocery shopping?
One a week?

14. Have you ever stayed up all night talking on the phone or the internet?
Internet, yes.

15. What's a career that interests you?
Obviously Nursing, but honestly I think being a homemaker is charming.

16. If you could join any band, what band would you choose?
The Boston Pops Orchestra conducted by John Williams O.O

17. Do you go to school?
Yep, on the internet.

18. What's one thing you would change about your school?
Well on campus, they need more parking space.

19. Do you plan on attending college?
Ah ha ha, yes. After I graduate with my associates, I'm gonna go to UCO for a bachelors.

20.  Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband?

21. Are you a Republican or Democrat?
I am registered a Republican.. but politics = blahhhh

22. Did you vote in the last election?

23. Aren't you grateful for the brave men and women in the Army?
Yes'm I sure am. I'm very proud and thankful that they lay down their lives for us everyday so that we can be free.

24. Have you ever made a survey that had been taken over 500 times?
Eh, no?

25. Why exactly do you take surveys?
Because I'm bored :3

26. Do you plan on posting this anywhere?

27. Rockband or Guitar Hero?
Rockband most defffff.

28. Algebra or English?
English O.O

29. Would you be interested in being a journalist?
I don't think I could do it XP

30. Are you camera shy?
Puh, no.

31. Have you ever skipped class?
Huh, yes.

32. Have you ever gotten CAUGHT skipping class? :D

33. Do you have a "cool" professor?
Nope.... >.>

34. Are you parents pretty chill?
I think so for the most part... life has just been really stressful the past couple of years.

35. Do you make okay grades?
I make great grades.

36. Well, what's your name?
Random, but my name is Mattie!!!

37. Is it night time or day time?
Night time! :D

38. Don't you just love the internet? What website do you visit often?

39. Do you have a Bzoink Profile?
I don't even know what that means...

40. Can you code HTML on your own?
A little bit.

41. Are you going to have a good rest of the week?
I sure hope so :33333

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