Friday, October 12, 2012

Orange leaves.

Everything is turning orange! I love it, I love the vibrant colors of fall. Oranges, reds, browns... they're all so warm. In the morning, in the little forest behind us, the sun peeks through the trees at just the right angle and lights them up. The colors just dance, it's breath taking.

In the video the man playing the cello is Yo Yo-ma. I love listening to him... it's so soothing. He is an amazing cello player! I suggest you check into him, it'll be worth your while.

Guys, 5 DAYS AND 5 HOURS AND 19 MINUTES!! Can you tell I'm excited? :333

I want to take my kiddos costume shopping, carve pumpkins, go to the movies, possibly go to Frontier City, run around outside, get ice cream, lay around the house, scream my head off, have a dance party, run around with my friends with wigs on, watch movies with my friends, go shopping, fun times, nonstop, sleep when I get back on Sunday.

I can't wait to hold, love, kiss on my family. I miss them so much. AND I can't wait to love on you guys, my friends, I miss you guys so much.

My blond wig is suppose to come in today... I've been stocking the shipment tracking like a ninja and it's in Maryland now!! WHOO! The mail normally runs in the afternoon, I'm so excited. I hope it turns out good, the quality and color and what not!

I'm about to order flowers for my momma, her birthday is next Tuesday! I'm so glad that I'll be able to be there for it. Well a day late, but still! She said she doesn't want anything but I'm totally gonna get her something or at least take her out for dinner.


Now I just need to finish up my work for this week and when next week's work opens up on Monday I need to get that all done so I don't have to worry about it while I'm in Oklahoma.... why would they give us so much work over fall break.. right professors have no souls XP ha ha ha, but seriously.

Well I'm gonna go workout now! I love you all! :3

P.S. I got my pony ears in the mail yesterday! I bought some from Yaya Han and I love them. I'm so glad that I could support someone as awesome, wonderful, and skilled as her! I'M GONNA BE APPLEJACK WHUT! lol

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