Monday, October 15, 2012

Never call a girl ugly.

"the fat chick made the video suck lol"

"the fat girl sux badly!!!"

These were some comments posted on a video that some old friends and I did about four years ago. I recently happened upon the video and saw them... needless to say it hurt me, a lot. 

Why do people have to bring others down? Obviously I know I'm not a toothpick but I wasn't at all "fat" in this video.. in fact I looked healthy.

It just makes me think of the news lately, with Amanda Todd, and how cruel people really are. How people drive others to kill themselves because of words or actions. Cyber bulling, bulling just sucks and it's plain stupid. If we spent more time spreading love instead of hate, think of the things we could achieve. Why not raise others up?

I let these things get the best of me, I thought about how ugly I was and how fat I was... but then it came to me. These people don't know who I am. These people don't know how strong, talented, caring, will powered, loving, or beautiful I am. I go out of my way to do things for others and I don't expect anything back. I love deeply and give freely. AND my optometrist says I have the most beautiful pigments he's ever seen. I work out and eat as healthy as I can. My friends adore me, my family adores me, why should I let some stranger's words get me down.

(this song, posted above, always makes me smile.)

"I don't let anyone's insecurities, emotions, or opinions bother me. I know that if I am happy, that's all that matters to me."
 - Demi Lovato

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  1. You've already sort of heard what I had to say about it all, but yeah.. bullying is a horrid thing. It's the single act of a hurtful word that can change someone's view on themselves forever. Each bullying incident leaves scars, each comment can traumatize. But the bullies don't even think twice; they relish in their moment of pride and "being on top" by making the other person crumble... they have their own insecurities so they lash out at someone else.. it's not right. It will never be right or justifiable.

    But that's the one thing victims should never give the bully, is that satisfaction of giving a reaction or being hurt or fallen. It's harder with cyber bullying cause you never see the person really, but all-in-all, becoming greater than that person is all you can do. Rise above them, ignore them, sail away and feed yourself with positive energy, love and compliments. Fall into the arms of those around you that love you and adore you, and remind yourself of all the things you love about yourself. Positive ALWAYS, ALWAYS trumps negative, every time. Negativity and bullying may hurt, but even if it opens the wound larger, that just means more positivity and love can fill it.

    I know it got you down and hurt more than you're showing... it's a human reaction to want to be defeated when something like that happens. We want to curl up and close our eyes and forget everything else, and almost give up. That is what happened to Amanda Todd, and what caused her to take such extreme measures... some people don't see a way out. But, you have a beautiful and optimistic spirit, and I know you'll overcome these feelings towards yourself.

    Like you stated, you KNOW you have tons who adore you; you KNOW you're beautiful. Flaunt it, love it, love yourself. You're amazing, and never change. :)

    LOVE YOU MATTIIEEE. and, as I write this comment, it's a little over a day away when you come back to us!! AAHH! :D